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Found 6 results

  1. When you have to edit large volumes of text it becomes impracticable to keep taking your hand back and forth to the mouse for selecting the portion you need. That's where shortcuts come in. There are some simple shortcuts that work pretty much anywhere on Windows (and on Mac, with some differences), including Smartcat. Here are some of them, for your translation ease. I'm constantly using most selection and cursor movement ones. You can also combine those shortcuts for text selection. Those are the main and most important text-editing shortcuts. Every software will have different keys for formatting and document manipulation, but you can still find more generic shortcuts for those purposes on this list. Go practice some! You'll see how faster you can get things done now.
  2. Greetings from Córdoba (Spain)

    Greetings from Spain, My name is Manuel Jesús and I am finishing the Degree of Translation and Interpreting (at this moment I have only to defend my Bachelor Thesis to finish the Degree! ). My working languages are Spanish (native), English and German. I am very passionate with these three languages, but mostly with Spanish, the language which saw how I grew up. My love for my native language allowed me to collaborate with a professor in the area of Lengua Española (Department of Language Sciences). For that reason, I have a perfect knowledge of Spanish language. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me if you need help about Spanish language . Moreover, with regard to translation, I love medical translation and localization. My purpose after the Degree is to do a Master's degree about Audiovisual Translation, which includes localization (of video games, web pages, etc.), subtitling, translation of films, series, documentaries, among others. Finally, my main goal is to do a PhD in Translation, but it will be a big challenge . I would like to share with you the social media where you can get in contact with me in an easier way: - Email ----> manueljm.translation@gmail.com - Facebook ----> Manuel J. Muñoz - Instagram ----> @tu_traductor_oficial - and soon in LinkedIn!! I see you there! To conclude, please remember that it will be a pleasure to help you. Thanks so much for being such a nice family of translators!! This forum is like our home . "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" (Helen Keller). A big hug, Manuel J.
  3. Hi, I'm Sofia

    Hi everyone! I'm Sofia, a Russian > English translator and editor. I'm from Russia originally but have lived most of my life in Australia. I specialise in medical, pharma and literary translation. I'm looking forward to participating in this accreditation process.
  4. Hey, I'm Melanie

    Hi everyone! It's nice to be here! My name is Melanie and I've been translating for quite some time. I've started out just after graduating for my Master back in 2005. I've been translating on SmartCat for the last half year or so and I'm hoping it will become more popular among the general public. Looking forward to getting to know you and who knows what the future may bring! Have a nice day, wherever you are Melanie
  5. I can't see that this feature exists. But it would very convenient to at least be able to add glossary suggestions directly from the editor. Or simply add to the glossary, depending on your user rights. Is this possible? Edited: as soon as had posted this. I saw this is indeed possible!
  6. Hello, I just wanted to ask because I have not found the option in the interface and I'm thinking maybe I missed it. Is there an option to confirm all the non-empty segments in a document? I would like to have that option available because I have found that when you translate large documents, the confirmation process can take a little time. So I would like to just translate and press enter, leaving the segments unconfirmed, and then confirm them and review them all at once after I'm finished.