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Found 2 results

  1. Personally, I don't like curricula anymore. I've swapped my CV for a Service Offer some time ago and it has worked much better. At least in the realm of translations. My opinions it that a CV is made so you can sell yourself to someone else. They want to hire you, you give them your CV. On a translation project what people are looking for isn't so much the person as it is the result. The result they want is their project properly translated. It's not as important where you studied, who you worked with, how well optimized your CV is, all it matters is whether you are capable of handling the job the right way, and whether the client recognizes that or not. The recognition of your capability may come in many ways. With direct clients, that's often a budding relationship. With agencies, they'd either want a test or they'll want to sort you in some way... meaning your CV, most likely. So one way or another, it's not harmful to have a CV. You may be freelancing today, but tomorrow you may decide to work full-time on a wonderful opportunity you found that 100% matches with you. Or you really want to conquer a client's heart, but that client is so rigged on the CV style that he needs to see a CV to understand you. Therefore, it's good to have it ready. I found this neat collection, an ebook of 37 pages dedicated to helping translators craft a well-performing CV. You can find it here. It's an ebook by Marta Stelmaszak, and I've covered a post from her before. There is a checkout process to get the ebook, which will require some personal information, but despite that the ebook is free and will be sent immediately after the sign up process. To my surprise, Marta shared a quite similar opinion of my own on the book, and had very similar arguments as to why have a CV no matter what. The book is filled with objectives for you to work at throughout the reading and has wonderful advice, including to craft a CV for each different type of client. It gives a detailed look of each section in a CV, and seems very up to date. If you haven't built your CV, or you're not satisfied with the one you've got, this is definitely a source to investigate. Get the book here.
  2. What’s our life? A game.” This famous Russian writer’s quote was never so true. Today life is a game. And my mission is to localize this game perfectly! Thank you for visiting my page! You’re probably looking for a professional English to Russian Translator to help you with an app or game localization. And you do not simply want some generic “IT sphere translator” but a narrow specialist (preferably a keen games and apps user) who knows the sphere from the inside and understands that the lack of impeccable consistency will ruin user experience irreversibly, and that without quick request processing updates and news couldn’t be delivered to users in a timely manner. So let me introduce myself. My name is Igor Kozlov, and I’m a native speaking English to Russian translation and localization specialist with a 7+ years professional experience and 20+ years gaming experience, working in the Games, Apps and Websites field. Key achievements Over 1200 projects completed Over 2 000 000 words translated Happy customers from 8 countries of the world Member of UTR (Union of Translators of Russia) and Certified Pro at ProZ.com Translation marketing coach at Cat-Translate.ru (2000+ subscribers) How I can help you Mobile Apps and Games: UI, in-app text, game lore, app description localization Videogames: UI, in-game text, voiceover localization Websites: news, articles, announcements, marketing texts translation Project highlights If you have any questions please contact me at igor@applocalization.net and I will answer all the questions that might interest you. I will make sure that every Russian speaking user can enjoy the world of your game or app in its entirety and that it will become an important part of his life so he will return to it day after day.