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Found 5 results

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, based on a public vote, the prize for the Best Video in the “How Smartcat Changed My Life in 2017” category goes to... @Igor “The Wanderer” Kozlov!!! Here’s the winner’s video, in case you missed it: Igor, congratulations! We can’t wait to hear your Oscar speech! (Don’t forgot to mention which of the prizes you would like to receive ) To @Serena Zilio, @Joshua Velasquez, @Hussain Sadeqi — thank you guys, your videos were really awesome, each in its own way. We decided to give the runner-up prize of $50 to each of you — check your Smartcat balances soon for an update
  2. Okay guys, all the clips for our video contest have been posted, so we’re on to the voting stage now! The detailed voting rules are below in this post, but first let’s take a look at the videos. Here are our contestants, in the order of submissions: @Joshua Velasquez tells us how Smartcat has helped him raise his profile as a translator and find new clients: @Hussain Sadeqi shares his story of struggle, refuge, and perseverance, where Smartcat helps him stay afloat in these times of need: @Serena Zilio gives a quirky account of Smartcat’s benefits, including how much beer one can save from not paying license fees Finally, @Igor Kozlov talks about Smartcat’s fuelling his globetrotting lifestyle: Although there’s just four contestants, I thoroughly enjoy the fact that they highlighted Smartcat’s strengths from totally different angles: opening you to new clients, helping in need, saving your money, and working from anywhere in the world. So, whose message appeals the most to you? Vote in the poll above, and let the strongest win! Now, to some rules: You can vote until Sunday, Jan 28, 11:59 pm UTC, after which the voting will be automatically closed. You need a Smartcat community account to vote (which is not the same as our Smartcat account). If you don’t have one, sign up here. You can vote for one contestant only. You cannot change your vote after casting it. Your vote is anonymous to other community members except for forum admins. You are welcome to invite other people to vote in this post. However, and we’re taking your word for this, these should be people related to the translation industry: your colleagues, customers, vendors, and so on. That’s it! Can’t wait to find out the winner, and good luck to all the contestants! I’m locking this topic to avoid discussions that may affect voting results being too close to the voting itself. But you are free to discuss the videos in the original thread. So, Let the voting begin!
  3. Hi, I'm Joana

    Hi Vova and other colleagues! My name is Joana Amores and I am a Portuguese translator, with 13 years of experience. My main working pair is EN-PT. If you need anything, just send me a message! Cheers from Lisbon!
  4. Using your own resources in customer projects

    Hi Vova, I am Devanathan from Bangalore, India, and a smartcat user. I am a freelance translator. Have you created any new rule that the glossaries created and imported by Freelance translators cannot be used when they are doing a project for a customer?. Please answer this question. If you are not allowing, then I think that it is unfair and you should allow freelance translators to use their own glossaries for a project that they are doing for their customer. After all it is their own glossary. Please reply. Regards, Devanathan.
  5. Hi, I'm Vova

    Hello there! My name is Vova, and I'm Head of Community at Smartcat. I've been professionally translating since 2001, so I can feel your aspirations, pain points and pet peeves. Feel free to write me for whatever issues you face while learning, working in, or otherwise dealing with our platform. P.S. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, SoundCloud, Quora — and, of course, Smartcat!