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  1. Dear friends! We’d like to share some news with you, and specifically with our users from Turkey. If you are a freelancer based in Turkey, you can now receive payouts in Turkish liras right to your local bank account. This payment method will soon be available as an option on the Payments page. In the meantime, you can send us your local bank account details to payments@smartcat.ai if you want to opt for it. There’s no commission for transfers exceeding 900 TRY. For smaller amounts, the commission is 17 TRY. We recommend setting your rates in Turkish liras to avoid additional exchange commissions involved in the transfer. After enabling local wire transfers, we will soon remove international wire transfers in USD as an option. The method proved to be too expensive on commissions and has no additional benefits compared to the newly introduced way. You will still be able to receive earnings to your Visa or Mastercard. There is no outbound commission charged by Smartcat for such payouts, which are always sent in EUR or USD. At the same time, note that if you have a TRY card the amounts will be converted by your bank, which may set its own additional fees or unfavorable exchange rates. Make sure your bank card supports Visa Direct or Mastercard MoneySend to be able to receive such payouts before enabling this payment method. Another option is to use Smartcat Prepaid Mastercard. Learn about this option on our Zendesk page. Will you opt for local wire transfers or bank card payouts? Will you order a Smartcat Mastercard? We’re all ears.
  2. 10 effective proofreading tips

    Thanks, Otávio! These are truly helpful tips. Lately I've been using Grammarly to check my writing for nasty typos, missing commas and unintended omissions. Also, I write exclusively in Google Docs and its checker does a good job although it has a tendency for very unexpected false positives. This is not to say Grammarly is perfect. Granted, no tool can be as meticulous as a human proofreader who is determined to products error-free content and 100% focused. The only thing I'd like to add is you need to take break between writing and proofreading. And I think writing something else you need to write would be a better way to set your mind off rather than doing chores or having a meal and watching TV. At least for me that works best.
  3. Thanks, Otavio! This is true. The text as it as, in my opinion, is too long for a PDF, so maybe we should consider trimming it and emphasize the points in a more simple and straight-forward way. As I can see it, to make it work, a more profound kind of designing rather than a good layout and eye candy graphics will be required.
  4. Hey Ottavio, the Russian translation is on the way. In the meantime, we'd like to pack this post into a nice shiny PDF. I've seen a few Success Story PDFs made by our competitors but can anyone out here show me what a really cool one should look like? We'll let you peak into our new guidelines for you to use them as a reference but definitely not to cap your creativity.
  5. Transcriber needed

    @vladimir, thank you. We have more interviews coming in the future, so the next one can be yours if you're available.
  6. Transcriber needed

    Alexandra, thank you for your transcript. Can you please PM me the link to your profile on Smartcat, let's chat in there.
  7. Transcriber needed

    Hey Vladimir & Alexandra! Thank you guys for reaching out. Well, wishfully thinking, I am still hoping to have it published on Friday. So, tomorrow night would be perfect but Thursday morning will also do.
  8. Transcriber needed

    Hey y'all. I'm Maxim, the Blog editor at Smartcat. I have a 2 hour 12 minute long good-quality recording of an interview we did with our partner and I need it transcribed and edited for our blog. So I'm wondering if anyone out here could help. A clip of the recording is attached to this post. cecilia_clip.mp3
  9. Are you willing to review more?

    Hey Vova, you know my four digits if you need to have any unattended En-Ru translations reviewed, so feel free to assign any reasonable number of them to me.
  10. Hi I'm Maxim

    Hey everyone, my name's Maxim. I am a Russian⇄English translator excited about technologies, enviornment and social issues. I had been a smartCAT user for a while before I was invited to join the awesome smartCAT team as a Content Writer. I still occasionally do freelance translation jobs but make sure they're fun. The photo was taken in Barcelona, my second favorite place in the world after St. Petersburg where I now live.
  11. My mornings are never good, so usually the best thing I can do to motivate myself into translating or writing is to complete one or a series of unrelated tasks, e.g. do last night's dishes, load the washing machine, sew a button onto a shirt, I dunno, whatever is on the list of the no-rush stuff that shouldn't take very long but will make me feel like a better person. The sense of accomplishment will boost my self-esteem and set the pace, so I could face a more effort-demanding job. Basically, I procrastinate but for the purpose of self-encouragement. However, in the process new chores can emerge, so the situation will call for a compromise, and that will mess up my vibe badly.