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  1. Hi, I've got a suggestion for the developers. It's not a "must-have" feature, just a small tweak that can be a good motivation factor for translators. So, here is the idea: is it possible to calculate an approximate time span required to finish the job based on the speed of translation and update values in the course of the project? And also, if it is possible, can you add a special widget to the right side of the progress bar so that translators could see how much time it will take to complete the project at the current speed. I think it is highly motivating to see how quick you are or that you are slowing down (to speed up if the deadline is coming). Thanks for your attention!
  2. I think that a good discounts policy relies upon many factors, including the niche, the most common client types you work with and the size of your business, etc. If you have a stable inflow of translation projects from one client, it might be wise to offer a small but pleasant discount (you may call it volume discount) to "reinforce" relations. While offering random discounts just to grab another gig or two won't bring you any feasible results in a long run. Discounts may also work to "hook" a new client, but you should know for sure that this type of client would actually take the bait. It depends on cultural specifics, e.g., for Asian people asking for discounts (or getting discounts) is a common thing, while the same tactics may have a negative effect on others, meaning that your services are not so good and you are trying to attract customers' attention by lowering the rates. Currently, I offer one type of discounts for new clients who order Standard and Premium package - 10% off for the first order (I also have a Basic package without any discounts). As for CAT related discounts, I deduct Repetitions and apply special rate for 95-100% matches for recurring clients only. Everything below 95% shall be paid in full.
  3. I don't remember the exact date, but I received (and successfully completed) my first paid #translation assignment in the middle of September 2007. It was an English - Russian translation of MSDS (material safety data sheet) - the first step in the field of #translations. So, it's high time to update all my profiles - 10 years of professional translation experience! 1f60e.png😎1f389.png🎉

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  4. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to automatically assign the translator's ID (nickname?) to the TM segments when using a TM for projects with multiple translators involved, and make this tag visible for PMs and admins only? I think it might be useful to know who of your translators added a certain segment to the TM database.
  5. How to upload document after translation

    If I got it right, there is another option. You can translate a document offline in some other tool (e.g, Trados), export TMX after translation is completed and import it into Smartcat system - I mean import it to your project TM. Then run Pretranslate process and the system will propagate segments from your tmx. I hope this can help too.
  6. Sure, why not. I saw that SC has introduced Yandex Translator in the updated version.
  7. @Vova , first of all, thanks a lot for spending your time and reviewing my blog post. I really appreciate your efforts. Secondly, your comments are really thoughtful and well-weighed. I'm sure the community members will gladly read them and leave their own comments regarding the quotes you've selected. I know, the situation can be a problem or an advantage depending on the perspective. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about a new topic for my blog and decided that "opening an abscess" might be a good traffic magnet. Indeed, it became one of the most popular posts on my blog. I think that we shall speak about the problems within the industry and try to communicate them to the right audience to change the situation. Even if I fail to achieve any significant results, it still worth time spent for writing and sharing this post as at least 5K people, who read this post, have possibly changed their view of the translation market. As for MT, I know that many translators and clients use and treat it the wrong way or do not understand the true purpose of MT and NMT engines. BTW, I'm going to write a post about MT and why translators should not be afraid of it. And I will definitely cover all these and some other issues and concerns in it.
  8. Thanks for your prompt reply, @Vova
  9. A good question, Yan. I guess many translators thought about using a private TM (read-only) with projects assigned by a translation agency without disclosing TM content to such agency.
  10. Dear colleagues, thanks a lot for your feedback! It's a pleasure to see that our webinar was helpful and informative. I hope we will be able to conduct another webinar in the near future and we will take into account your comments regarding the video and audio quality, Probably there is a way to improve it on CrowdCast.
  11. You can find my rates on both sites (russiantranslator.pro and local website for Kyrgyzstan). I think that it is a good practice to showcase your prices. But prices shall be placed in the right position on a web page. Homepage shall answer three main questions: What do your offer? How much does it cost? Why should clients choose you? Last two questions can be in a reverse order. In other words, there should be a clear statement of what you offer to your customers, then you should provide a social proof (clients logos and/or testimonials, number of projects or number of happy clients, membership in professional organizations, etc.), tell more about the benefits of services you provide and how your services differ from other market offers. Then you can provide information about your pricing. However, I still have several calls per day from local clients asking about my prices, probably this is a local reality, as people in Central Asia like bargain on price.