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  1. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    I'd bet big money that's not the case. If you participated in last year's LJ, you probably known the files we get are not free of mistakes. This one is almost perfect, but the translator is human and allowed to make a few of those. I fail to see it as a "pun". Also, it didn't make me laugh. It made me read it again, like "Wait, what's wrong here? What do they mean? He's a true friend, but won't help?". If this was intentional, I'd say it was a bad idea. Why would you translate a sentence into the opposite of it for just no reason? There was no need to transcreate there.
  2. LocJAM4 - Game's Story / Time State Discussion

    I think the only change we make (considering the "right path" to win the game) concerns the usage of one of Archfiend's Ethers. As soon as we go back in time, we don't change anything until we have a change to act.
  3. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    That line 224 change had already been announced at least since I started all this about a week ago. Just to be clear.
  4. LocJAM4 - Game's Story / Time State Discussion

    I wonder why he would think that, since he had already fought alongside Mage and saw her use Possession. Also, he clearly states that his confusion is whether or not the Mage has cast Possession on the Archfiend. I hope no doubt in my mind about that. He casts Switch because he thinks the Mage maybe didn't cast Posession and is nowhere to be found, so he thought he had to take care of the Archfiend all by himself.
  5. LocJAM4 - Game's Story / Time State Discussion

    Also, if the Mage is controlling the Brave's mindm, and not the Archfiend's, the Brave wouldn't have been able to cast Holy. Also, you would be able to cast Holy when you reach 100 MP, and not get that message that only the True Brave can cast Holy.
  6. LocJAM4 - Game's Story / Time State Discussion

    Yes. As you said, he's a bit dense. Probably didn't think of the consequences. =)
  7. LocJAM4 - Game's Story / Time State Discussion

    Regardless if that was the translator intention, which I doubt, the original JP sentence clearly says the opposite.
  8. LocJAM4 - Game's Story / Time State Discussion

    He doesn't. He just fails to realize that the Archfiend's mind, inside the Brave's body, is being controlled by the Mage. A few reasons for that: (1) translation doesn't reflect the original tone too well; (2) to make it not too obvious. (or a mix of the 2) Maybe you're confusing Switch and Possession? He can tell in which body he's in. He never thinks he's casting Possession instead of Switch. He's just not aware that the Archfiend's mind is being controlled by the mage, as I said above. Possession is a spell that only the mage can cast, when she's controlling her own body (which never happens in the game, only prior to the game). We aren't beside the Brave because, when Brave and Mage meet the Archfiend, the Mage goes into hiding and casts Possession on the Archfiend. As I said, Possession makes you CONTROL the target's mind, not switch bodies with them. No, we begin the game having Possessed the Archfiend. The Brave is never "Possessed". I think what's confusing you is really the difference between in-game terms for Switch and Possession.
  9. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    I'll have to disagree. I personally think you might be reading too much into a mistake, as if it was intentional. * That book was written before the Possession, so the Archfiend is supposed to be colored as evil, and there's no reason why it would directly say that the Archfiend is a "true friend". * I don't think the hint should be that obvious. Also, if you shouldn't do good to your enemy, how would that make you a "friend"? It makes no sense. What made me look into the original was actually the thought that it made no sense -- that paragraph in English (title and description of the principle) is contradictory. * The original blatantly says the Archfiend never acts with humanity towards his enemies, which is the basically the opposite of what's written in English. * If that was indeed intentional on the translator's part (and not a typo or misunderstanding), I have to disagree with their decision, and that should reflect on how I choose to translate that segment * I disagree that fiend rhymes with friend. "Fiend" rhymes with "cleaned", while "friend" with "end", "spend". Anyway, you're obviously free to disagree as well. But do you agree that it sounds really weird? To say he's a true friend, but that "true friend" shouldn't help others?
  10. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I was a bit shocked when I read that sentence: I think they're making it sound worse than it really is. I think they just want us to be extra careful, more like "It can be the difference between winning and losing", not that it would automatically lead to disqualification. To answer your main question, I've personally kept that part very informal, but not exactly wrong (with some contractions, which are way less formal in written PT as they are in EN). You could confirm with Alain on Facebook, maybe? Ultimately, I think it'll depend on the jurors. I doubt they'll read it as a strict rule: "typo = disqualification"
  11. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    I have the same concern, but in this case ("True Friend"), since it's the complete opposite meaning and it sounded really weird, I have no doubt in my mind I'll change. I'm a bit more concerned about the "thy" part. Maybe the jurors will think I mistranslated "thy" to a plural pronoun... That's why I posted all my concerns on facebook as well, so maybe, just maybe, there's a better chance that the jurors will be aware of these issues.
  12. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    This game requires us to be extra when transcreating or simply not sticking very close to the original. It's a riddle-solving game, and there are many, many tiny hints here and there. It makes it really important to fully understand the game, as if you were helping the dev. That said, there's something else I found out by playing the original version (I wanted to check for new ideas), which is inaccurate in the translation and also a potential hint in the game. The original would be: Which literally translates to: (Kudos for the translation, improving the simple sentence from the original, btw) There's a catch, though. That "your" there (omaetachino) is the plural form of "your". "Thy", on the other hand, is singular. So using "your" would help the player (just a tiny little bit, especially compared to the explicit plural in JP) pay attention to the fact that the Brave's party consists of more than 1 person. In PT, I'll definitely take advantage of that opportunity to provide that hint for the player (instead of using a singular pronoun, I can choose between a plural or an ambiguous one). Anyway, just sharing ideas and information.
  13. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    Still about the forbidden names, I've found this list while messing the Developer Tools (check the image). Those are the possible ways of writing Archfiend's and Brave's name in the original game.
  14. LocJAM4 - Help

    Let me just confirm one thing (not sure if it can be answered): Is there any chance that a few unusual characters I used might NOT show for the jurors, if I could confirm that they show perfectly well when I run the game with "Preview localized game"? In other words, when they run the game, will the jurors always see exactly what I see when I run the game, regardless of any potential encoding differences that may exist in our machines?
  15. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    Nice catch. I failed to mention you have to confirm the name to see the message. I personally always translate those, and I think that's the most common practice as far as I could see (not that I play too many games in Portuguese, but I often check other people's work).