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  1. LocJAM4 — Game Localization Competition

    LocJAM was such a rewarding experience. I'm thankful to everyone who made this possible and to the SmartCat community for the splendid study group!
  2. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    No, my colleague did. Someone answered on FB. It had to do wrong file format. Thanks for your cooperation over the past two weeks and good luck!
  3. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    Anyone can help? This is from IGDA on Facebook.
  4. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    Thanks a lot, Otavio. As for the quotes, they appear like this in the game (see the attachment) when followed by certain characters. They are ok in the Excel though.
  5. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    Hello guys! I wonder if you follow the punctuation of the source text. I normally do that but characters like "!" and "," when used in the same sentence with the curly quotes, cause the quotes to be reversed (and I use quotes a lot with names because there is no capitalization in Arabic). So, in some cases, the quotes are displayed correctly, in others they appear reversed. I'm thinking of not sticking to the punctuation of the source but I'm concerned about the jury. Also, I had to change some item and spell translations because they didn't fit in the interface (overlapped) so I opted for shorter strings. I wonder if the jurors will consider such factors that affect our choices.
  6. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    I agree it doesn't make sense but I'm concerned about the jurors' take on this since the target is to be compared against the English version of the game not the original Japanese.
  7. LocJAM4 - Main Discussion Thread

    Hello everyone! I wonder if the Mage is a female? the character looks like a female with pink cloak and all. Some languages differentiate genders through wording and grammar. If it was a female indeed, that could be challenging in translation. The English version doesn't make it clear so I wonder if those who translated the Japanese source could help. Also, could you please explain the pun of the "Archfiend is a True Friend". Thanks in advance!