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  1. Being a Freelance Mother

    Thank you for sharing a topic about this, I can definitely relate! I am the mother of 2 little kids (a girl with almost 2 years and a boy with a little over 3) and I am so glad I decided to go freelance! When my eldest was born, I had already decided that if I wanted to have kids I needed to take the leap and go freelance. I was working like crazy, still building a reputation and I even ended up being the only crazy mom working in the hospital after I had a super long labor which turned into a c-section... But then things got better, more stable, and I was already quite organized. Then SURPRISE - another baby! That was when all hell went loose! Totally worth it though Organization is definitely key and small breaks throughout the day are crucial to keep your mental sanity and productivity. But I can't even imagine myself working a corporate job and spending all day without my kids. Freelancing provides freedom, peace of mind, and flexibility to really enjoy your family and your kids' first years - and that's priceless nowadays!
  2. I actually struggle a bit to find the right contacts/companies to pitch. I'm hoping this webinar provides some useful tips on how to find some quality leads. The biggest direct client I have found me after I applied to its website translation job on a freelancer marketplace, so I don't really deserve any credit for that!...
  3. Review Stage — FAQ

    Hi Vova, What if we want to change our review form? I realized I made a mistake and attributed an inferior overall grade because of it... Can we submit a new form to replace the previous one?