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  1. Editing bilingual files on SmartCat

    Hello, I'm actually first creating .xliff files than uploading them on SmarCat. The only problem I encountered last time, it is that segments I've locked on Trados were not locked on SmartCat. I should have to redo that part of the job, locking segments that shouldn't be translated by the Freelancer. I'm aware now!!!! The workflow is not that big so I'm good with it. Best!
  2. Dictionaries not working

    Hello, Welcome to Smartcát! Actually, the problem is not at your side. I have also noticed the issue like 2 weeks ago, but I ignored it as I don't use them that much. The moderators will come up with a solution. Good that you've created a topic about that!! Best,
  3. Editing bilingual files on SmartCat

    Ok, thanks for your prompt reply... It will be good if we can upload bilingual files, for post-editing (MT) project for ex., and perform the work on smartCAT, easy and comfortable
  4. Editing bilingual files on SmartCat

    Hello, SmartCAT'ers!!!! Happy Monday to all of you!! Can someone tells me.. Is there any how to upload a bilingual file on smartCAT for editing?? Best regards,
  5. "Buydown" in marketing. A like of Cash-back

    Seems that I've used the wrong combination to mention someone... Thanks for reminding me how it works!
  6. "Buydown" in marketing. A like of Cash-back

    Hi @Patient Xavier Nong, and thanks for your answer! Hope that you're doing great too! After research, I had to choose between "remise" and "rabais". And I choose "rabais", maybe wrongly. Anyway, I'm still a little bit not satisfied. Perhaps I'm complicating the obvious by focusing on the conditions to get that "remise" or "rabais". According to the text, I could define buydown as follow: the sum of money the supplier gives back to the retailer if one has sold a certain quantity of products he supplies. The only why I didn't decide to translate it as "remise" is because I focussed on the fact that here buydown is accorded long after payment. Happy Monday
  7. Hello guys, Hope that someone will answer me by tomorrow. How to translate "buydown" in French. I want to let it in English like "cashback". It works like cashback, but just between suppliers and retailers. The context: If you have the Newport buydown of 50c off, you record all your Newport sales and reflect it in the buydown form on 50c per pack basis. So in the company name window, you select the company that will pay your money back (in this example it’s Lorillard), in the Item name field you select the product group (Newport). And, then, as usual, specify category, qty etc. Hope that my mean is clear. @Mike CM, Ouattara, dta_m, Sébastien HUET, Vanessa,Patient Xavier Nong.
  8. Hi, I'm Arnotti

    By the way, I graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, I hold a degree in Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering…
  9. Hi, I'm Arnotti

    Hello! My name is Arnotti, and I’m enjoying being a part of this community. I should have done this a bit earlier, but… This is my short story…:) I’m originally from the Republic of Congo, but I’ve been living in Russia since my 17’s. I began working as a translator in 2012, four years after moving to Russia for studies. I was translating short texts about the Great Patriotic War from Russian into French for a Russia-based translation agency. I really enjoyed translating Stalin's speeches J, even became one of his fan (maybe not a great choice, but…). Further, till the end of 2015, I was collaborating with three translation agencies which were providing me with enough working flow, most of them were legal and IT projects. Among the long-term project I undertook: powers of attorney, judge orders, etc., in an extradition matter that involved Russia and Monaco; a 40000-word book about the interaction between Domestic Law and International Law in the Soviet criminal jurisprudence, by A.I. Bastrikyn; a 30000-word Preliminary Feasibility Study to determine the economic efficiency of the continued operation of the Friguia Bauxite and Alumina Complex, by Rusal Vami for the Republic of Guinea (that was a thought one); the Expo 2017 Astana website, press releases, and brochures, etc. After a one-year break from the translation industry – I was working back home in the aviation industry, the national aviation company, which have ceased activity by now –, I passed through South Africa (for a 2 months English Language Course) back to Russia. Now, precisely from February 2017, I registered myself as a sole trader and I’m fully working from home as an English/Russian into French Translator – technical, legal, and IT. Actually, for my first English into French long-term project, I’m working for cents providing translation services to such a big international company like NLMK Group through a translation agency. I really wish that it could be my own end client. Some years ago, I didn’t care how much they were paying me, but now I really care… But still, I have much to learn… I’m actually concern about improving my English and Business Communication skills, so I’m here to take the most from you guys and possibly share my little. My ProZ accoun: http://www.proz.com/translator/2320148 Cheers!!!!!!!!