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  1. Hi everybody

    This is what I call a very solid thought process, brilliant! In my particular case, I started with point #2, then moved to point #1, now I'm paying more attention to point #3. This is a crucial point for me, both from an ethical/moral and professional point of view. In my particular case, I did not study translation or languages at the university but clinical psychogology and then andragogy; it was later in my life that I realized how I loved to translated things from English to Spanish and see how many people could benefit from it. I'm the traditional case of that individual who studied English for about 5 years, and then got certified as proficient. I'm about to permanently move from my country to Argentina to pursue a better life and I will start studying translation (a 2-year certification). This way I think that I will have more professional integrity because I wouldn't like a person who didn't study psychology to offer their counseling services to an individual in crisis, the same applies to translators. Take a look at this post to have an idea, it comes from a very reputable female translator: --- Thank you very much for this amazing introduction, as you can see, it was very thought-provoking.
  2. Usefull app that handels deepl translation.

    In case someone in the forums wants to have a quick snapshot of the application's UI, here you go: I find it really useful and it might suit translators who don't like to switch between tabs when working with glossaries, etc. Thank you!
  3. Using Xbench in Smartcat

    I started to use it one week ago when doing a +25K words translation (e-Commerce industry); there's a certain point where you start missing some details and having Xbench to check the whole thing at the end for you at a hyperspeed is gold. I'm enjoying the trial version and I'm planning to switch to a paid subscription, is not expensive and it's yearly. Thank you for the news about the Chrome extension and the integration!
  4. Funny Friday: Signs brought by Lonely Planet

    I've laughed, laughed, and laughed! 🤭 My favorite! ↑ Thank you so much for another funny entry, @Otávio Banffy!
  5. Hi everybody

    Wow, this is a very sensitive subject. I'm very impressed about your experience overall. I'm looking forward to knowing more about how do you work nowadays as a freelance translator. Thank you very much for taking the time to sign up and say hi! Welcome!
  6. Portfolio: websites, platforms?

    I think she talks about a web plugin that works like this: Source text (a.k.a original text) → user hovers the mouse over/clicks/highlights a given portion of the source text → there's a sweet popup with the translated version. @Aliona, am I right? — And about the best way or how to show-off your portfolio. Wordpress or about.me could be two interesting places and perhaps the kickstart of a successful career!
  7. Please try to connect to https://www.deepl.com/translator

    Yes, Deepl has worried me enough that I even thought days ago at which point it might be seen as a threat to some professional translators. In my particular case, I was playing with it in the transpersonal psychology field and the results were really accurate... and I'm talking about a somewhat obscure branch that it's not very flexible with terminology. There were some hiccups like any tool but I would consider them as minor.
  8. Heads up! Your Smarcat profile is 95% completed! Nice watch, by the way
  9. Starting out as a new translator

    I certify this.
  10. What's your workflow? ♻️

    Hi Smartcat community! I do not have much activity here in the forums other than commenting and sharing some thoughts and feelings on everyone else posts, so I decided to take a deep look at some threads and I haven't seen something like "What's your workflow?" or "Which places do you visit the most in order to clear doubts, find alternative translations or to understand XYZ context?" Well... here it is! I even made a very amateur banner for it and I EVEN included the Voldemort of the translation industry (hopefully you will catch the joke). So, what's your workflow? I will start with a funny example to give you an idea: This thread isn't meant to be 100% fun but also to gather as much info as possible of workarounds and "ways of working" in order to compile something interesting, especially since there are so many translators with so different language pairs! Hope you like it and I look forward to reading your thoughts! Josh
  11. A factor of 10 up

  12. A factor of 10 up

    Semantically speaking, seems like you're right. I will go back again and see how it looks like.
  13. A factor of 10 up

    That's what I was missing! Glad you pointed it out! @Noelia Martinez Castellanos, I fixed my translation so check it out and see if it fits.
  14. A factor of 10 up

    Hi Noelia! I have several translations in mind. I think the sentence talks about manufacturers that didn't have online presence are starting to have it, so: Perhaps I'm missing some context? Hope it helps! PS: Heads up! Your post is duplicated
  15. SSL Certificate for Your Website

    Google might start pressuring webmasters to buy third-party SSL encryption no matter if they don't have forms, text fields, etc. I think the SEO competition is very high and they need more filters and rules to properly rank sites based on factors other than keyword volume search and difficulty indexes. Another peculiar example is the new AMP feature, the faster your website is, the better it will rank. Nice post, Becky!