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  1. A factor of 10 up

    Yes, that's right. That´s why instead of 'fabricantes activos', it is better 'en activo' or as Xahntra suggests, 'fábricas operativas' El volumen de fábricas operativas/fabricantes en activo se duplicará para el año 2020, un valor que podría multiplicarse por diez para el 2030. Cheers guys! I don't know what I would do without this community! :-)
  2. A factor of 10 up

    @Joshua Velasquez thank you so much! I was going to use 'en funcionamiento' but now that you suggest 'activos', I was thinking to use the following: El número de fabricantes en activo se duplicará para el año 2020, un valor que podría multiplicarse hasta por diez para el 2030.
  3. A factor of 10 up

    Hi all Thank you so much for all your contributions. In regards to "a factor of 10", it didn't really sound right to me either, but as so many people suggested it in other forums, I wanted to double check. Definitely, 'diez veces más o 'multiplicarse por diez' sounds more natural. Xahntra, thank you so much for your clarification in regards to the term 'on line'. I was picking my brain with that one! In fact,it is still highlighted in red in my translation because it didn't feel right and I wanted to have another look. One headache less thanks to you! Joshua, thank you also for the heads up. I have asked to delete that post.
  4. A factor of 10 up

    Hello folks I hope you all have a nice weekend. I wonder if you could help me with a translation. I am again translating subtitles for economic videos around the topics of climate change, extraction technologies, etc. This one is on renewable energies and the sentence I am struggling to translate is the following: "The volume of manufacturing coming online, it’s going to more than double by 2020 and then a factor of 10 up again from today by 2030." I think this sentence on it´s on, is quite clear, but just in case, and for a bit of context, this is what comes before: "And we look at the volume of manufacturing coming on line and we know that technologies get cheaper as manufacturing volumes go up, whether it’s Elon Musk in Nevada or it’s BYD in China or LGChem in Korea, the expansion plans are phenomenal." This is how I have the sentence: "Para 2020, el volumen de fabricación online será más del doble y diez veces o más entre hoy y el 2030." I have checked wordreference.com and many people use the translation 'un factor de'. Then the translation could be: "Para 2020, el volumen de fabricación online será más del doble y de un factor de 10 o más entre hoy y el 2030." What do you guys think? Thanks in advance! Noelia
  5. Crafting a functional translation CV

    Yes, Marta's ebook and blog is really useful! It is full of good tips. I have done my CV following her advice, among other things. You can see some of my comments and my CVs in this post: https://community.smartcat.ai/topic/502-dealing-with-translation-companies-and-agencies-tips-and-experience/?tab=comments#comment-3654. I hope it helps!
  6. To filter into policy

    How right you are! If only they knew...
  7. Cyclicality

    Hi Virginia! Thank you for replying in this thread too! I have followed your advice and use ciclicidad. Also, I completely forgot checking Fundeu! So, good to know they also approve the use of the word. Regards, Noelia
  8. To filter into policy

    Thank you so much @Virginia Monti! You are always so helpful. In the end, I have used a combination of your suggestion and some answers I received via wordreference.com. Here is the thread, in case you are interested and below my final translation: "Las investigaciones que indican la posibilidad de que la hipótesis de la maldición de los recursos no se sostenga son tan recientes, que no creo que hayan podido trascender aún al ámbito de las políticas" Have a nice day! Regards, Noelia
  9. To filter into policy

    Hello Here is another question about the subtitles I am currently translating. It is a video of an interview to an economist about a theory called the resource curse. This theory "refers to the paradox that countries with an abundance of natural resources tend to have less economic growth, less democracy, and worse development outcomes than countries with fewer natural resources." The text goes like this: The recent research showing that the Resource Curse may not, in fact, hold is so recent that I don’t think it’s had a chance yet to filter into policy. Certainly though, some economies have grasped resources as a benefit ever since the start of their extraction. This is my translation: Las investigaciones que indican la posibilidad de que la maldición de los recursos no se sostenga son tan recientes, que no creo que pueda infiltrarse en /filtrarse en /influenciar las políticas. Aunque es cierto que algunas economías han aprovechado sus recursos y se han beneficiado de ellos desde que comenzaron a extraerlos. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance for your reply. Noelia
  10. Cyclicality

    Hi guys, I wonder if you could help me with this one. I am translating subtitles for an economic video. They mention the word cyclicality in this context: There is no evidence that there’s been Dutch disease in these economies when we measure it carefully. There is evidence that there’s cyclicality that may be slowing growth but it’s not enough of a brake to stop the long run progress. At the moment I have translated the word as 'ciclicidad'. I am aware that RAE does not include this word but I have read several threads in Internet about it and people seems to accept this translation, also in academic essays. Another option might be 'recurrencia cíclica' Here are the threads I have seen: https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/cyclicality.1732588/ https://cvc.cervantes.es/foros/leer_asunto1.asp?vCodigo=41649 What are your thoughts? Thanks! Noelia
  11. Best practices for subtitling

    @Otávio Banffy thank you for the encouragement and the advice! I am about to explore the three softwares, because this will be working weekend for me! Have a nice weekend!
  12. Best practices for subtitling

    This is great! I have actually just landed my first subtitling job so this advice and also your comments in the 'Subtitling Questionnaires' is going to be really useful. I am excited and a bit nervous at the same time! They are short videos of 18 min, 17 min and 7 min, so I think is a good length to start with. I have applied subtitles in YouTube videos and dome some transcription jobs for Crowdsurf and Moravia, which to some extend, use subtitling rules. I have also used Jubbler to synchronise songs. It is not much experience, but it is something at least. I will definitely check Netflix guidelines. But what software will you advice for a beginner? (Transifex, Aegisub, Subtitle workshop, etc) I will be getting transcripts so I think I am going to charge them by word (some more than my rate for translation since this involve more work). They also want me to provide .SRT files, but I guess I will be able to export the subtitles in that format with most softwares. Thanks again for all the advice guys!!
  13. Top challenges translating in your pair

    @Vova: In this post my friend and colleague Adrian Lago, from The Pack Language Experience, identified several English words that don't have a direct translation to Spanish. It also happens the other way round. I think these facts makes translation challenging, but also an art and a craft that allows to create interesting bridges of communication between cultures. This is what makes languages such amazing sources of information about the different societies in the world.
  14. Top challenges translating in your pair

    Really interesting @Vova. It is very good article. I love the fact that you look at the challenges but also give solutions. I would say that gender is another challenge, but people can comment on that once the article is published. To me, is complete enough and you don't want to keep it too long. I have also made a couple of suggestions.
  15. Thanks @Vova! I have checked with TextEdit and It seems the client haven't activated this. It seems like useful feature to activate though.