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  1. New article: About Smartcat Wave

    @Tatiana Fedulina, apparently they are not on Smartcat yet. The link you shared is an automatically parsed message from Proz.com. Feel free to convince them to move to us!
  2. I heard a sad story related to the Russian translation of Karlsson-on-the-Roof. The translator, Lilianna Lungina, was of Jewish decent. Antisemitism in the USSR of that age was not official, but ubiquitous. So no publishing house would hire her for “usual” translations from French or German — which she knew since childhood and taught. So she delved deeper in her knowledge of Scandinavian languages that she had acquired in the university and find the gem of Astrid Lindgren’s Karlsson-on-the-Roof. Both Karlsson and the Little One became one of the most beloved heroes in the Soviet and later Russian children’s fiction. Lindgren got to know Lungina in person and admitted that nowhere in the world had her characters become as popular as in the USSR. An illustrative story for us to never forget about the power of translation. Lungina and Lindgren together, source: Wikipedia And do you have any memories related to the books of the world’s 18th most translated author?
  3. Computational Linguistics


    @Everyone, the sound quality seems to be better in the recording, so you can watch the places you missed in replay.
  4. Computational Linguistics


    Hey everyone, we’re starting in 20 minutes. I also remind you that the best place to watch the webinar is Crowdcast, as it supports chat, Q&As, and polls. Much more fun Note that Crowdcast requires signing up/logging in separately.
  5. Computational Linguistics


    All, the webinar will be today, on Wednesday — not on Thursday as the original text said. Sorry for the typo!
  6. Hey Vova, thank you for creating such an interesting event. Is the expressed schedule (03:00-04:00 PM) timezone-adjusted? Or is that Ohio-time? Cheers!

    1. Vova


      Hi Malte! It should be adjusted to your time zone, but, just in case, it’s 2 PM UTC.

    2. Malte Stadtlander

      Malte Stadtlander

      Yeah, then it´s thoroughly adjusted. Thank you!

  7. Computational Linguistics

    A beautiful child of linguistics and computer science, computational linguistics studies the ways and the extent to which machines can “understand” and handle language. From virtual assistants to search engines to, well, machine translation, computational linguistics has permeated our everyday communication with machines and, increasingly, each other. This Wednesday, we will be talking about computational linguistics with Michael White, an associate professor at Ohio State University and one of the creators of the Madly Ambiguous linguistic game. Here are some questions on our list to discuss: How do machines “understand” language? How can they handle ellipses, anaphoras, and other weird Greek words ambiguous linguistic constructs? Is non-verbal communication a “computable” language, too? Can machines come up with their own language? We translators are usually ambivalent towards the progress computational linguistics has made over the last years. On the one hand, it makes our work, well, handier. On the other hand, we all saw The Terminator. Let’s find out how much substance there is to our fears and aspirations during this one-hour discussion! Sign up to watch the webinar on this page. Also on Crowdcast
  8. Madly Ambiguous Linguistic Game

    I guess sometimes one can confuse humans too
  9. Hey guys, our friends at Translators without Borders are in urgent need of volunteer translators to Burmese, Bengali, Rohingya and/or Chittagong. If you are one or know someone who is, please follow/share this link to apply. Thank you! P.S. Please don’t consider this post as an expression of affiliation with any of the parties involved. We are talking about humanitarian aid and human lives, so let’s not add political discussions to the topic. Thank you!
  10. New article: About Smartcat Wave

    Sorry, Tatiana, missed your comment. I will double-check and get back to you during the week!
  11. I guess this is one of the most challenging things in translating video games and movies. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a universal good way to do this (that’s translation for you, right?) It might be solvable when you need to convey a medieval speech, provided both cultures did have something in the medieval times. But what do you do when you are trying to convey, say, a Russian accent when translating from English to Russian? The way Russian localizers seem to have accepted is by using Ukrainian accent — an approach I absolutely deplore. But, then again, I don’t know how I would do this anyway.
  12. I love the name “Balabolka”. In Russian, it means “someone who talks too much”
  13. By the way, I think this technique would work great to resolve the (mad) ambiguities you wrote about in another thread.
  14. Madly Ambiguous Linguistic Game

    “Ouch — that’s a little TOO al dente” 😂
  15. Hi! League of Legends players

    Great! In this case, you can use the “team-building” feature of Smartcat: https://www.smartcat.ai/team-request/ And we will also include a point about this in our today’s newsletter! P.S. Let me know once you’ve submitted the request, so I can speed up the job ad preparation.