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  1. ?siht ekiL Interesting idea about using a robotic voice to read out loud the translation!
  2. Please try to connect to https://www.deepl.com/translator

    Yes, that’s in our plans, actually! Can’t promise we’ll implement the whole workflow, with mouse hovering and whatnot, this will all depend on the API DeepL will provide. Stay tuned!
  3. That’s the intended behavior, Gina. The percentage corresponds to all docs within the project, not only those assigned to you.
  4. Scanned pdf

    Yep. Although this is a paid feature, you get 10 pages for free and 100 more once you fill out your profile. Make sure to tick the "Check pre-translation layout" checkbox when creating the project to make sure the image is recognized correctly and fix formatting issues, if any.
  5. 5 Ways to Contact New Translation Clients

    And here’s the video recording, in case you couldn’t find it otherwise:
  6. 5 Ways to Contact New Translation Clients

    Thank you, Sherif! @Vladimir Zakharov Sr @Nina @Federico Parra @Ouattara @AndriycYasharov @Jehane Newton @Jimena Ysaia @Lillian @Tomislav T Patarčić @Khadis Thok @Becky @Eija Finnish @Dina Begum @Esther Dodo @Inessa Boleyeva @Alexander Murzakov @Cristina @ABB @Lisa @Hossein @elisabetta @Simona Leggero @Sergey_B @zemomin @THU HANG DINH @Tania Martins @Giovanni Perrucci @Joshua Velasquez @Translate It @Amaia López @Sheila Khawaja @Stefan @Walid Abotaleb @Brent Ryan Barber @María Soledad Di Fulvio @Maisel Rocha @cherfoo56 @Moazzam Ali @Cristina Buffa @Wendy Kim-Zevallos @Marcela @taroubalaref @Bilal Medaci @Philipp Wacha @Leonardo La Malfa @Clement @Julia @zhihanc @Ryan Saxon Montcalm @Sanda @Linh V @Paulo Henrique @Karina_Alatyreva @Spyros Balesias @Enéas Mike Senna, FYI
  7. until

    Best watched on Crowdcast: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/finding-lsp-clients
  8. until
    This Thursday, we’ll be talking about the top strategies to get hired by translation agencies in 2018. Our guest is @Sherif Abuzid, the author of the “5 ways to contact new translation clients” article that has gone viral among translators. In the webinar, Sherif will go into more detail on each of the suggested strategies: Email Phone calls Social networks Translation job platforms Translation company website forms And we will also share a few words on boosting your Smartcat profile to get translation agency clients on the platform as well. Check in on Thursday at 1 pm UTC to get tips that will help you grow your client base and revenues in 2018! Sign up to join the webinar. Connection details will be shared on the day of the event. Click “Join the Event” to get notified: Also on Crowdcast
  9. Excellent advice! It is often said that a text should be written so as to sound good when read out loud. If only it didn’t take so much time
  10. Students at Yeditepe University are learning the ropes of Smartcat. Can’t wait to see all of you guys join the ecosystem and bring the Turkish #translation industry to a new level together with us! 💪 — With a special thanks to Tolga Secilmis for all the support & vigor! 🙏 What about you? Do you want your university to get a course on Smartcat? Let us know!
  11. News from the Past Participle division. Proven has all but succeeded in beating proven as the third form of the verb prove in American English. Stay tuned for a revenge! For the record, here’s what Grammarist thinks about the match.
  12. New options to the Smartcat Interfase.

    Hi Melchor, we will keep in mind your feature request to rearrange the order of suggestions in the CAT pane — @Rescue Rangers, can you log that please? Note that you can also switch between different suggestions by clicking Ctrl+Up/Down. Will also keep note. In the meantime, a workaround is to first insert MT suggestion, and split the segment after that. This way, the machine translation will stay in the first of the two splitted segments, and you will be able to split it manually afterwards.
  13. Hi Jose, could you elaborate on your message? If you are referring to EN>PT/ES translation work, then you need to fill out our Smartcat profile with respective services, and customers will be able to find you for their translation projects.
  14. By the way, contrary to what Loek wrote, I did try DeepL with legal texts (German to English), and it was pretty good. They were not mind-numbingly legal, more of standard contractual stuff. But nevertheless.