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  1. Right! Then pls just write to support@smartcat.ai, asking to enable this on the US server as well. Sorry, I messed things up a bit! To alter the auto-propagation settings, you should go to corporate workspace > Project > Repetitions: To this question, it depends on the project/task. If it is a short project without multiple workflow stages/target languages, I would sometimes just open it as a manager and translate on the fly. But in most cases I do assign myself, even if this gives a bit of split personality moments (like “Vladimir Zakharov, Vladimir Zakharov invites you to a project” emails). Hope this helps!
  2. Technically this is called “personal workspace”. It doesn’t mean you need to be a freelancer. This just means that the tasks that you were specifically assigned to are here. This is made to distinguish between tasks you manage and ones you execute. Yes. To have access to this setting, you just have to choose "Manager" instead of "Translation" when opening the document. Mass confirmation is turned on upon request. I see that you do have it enabled for your account. So the most likely reason you can’t mass-confirm is that you’re opening the document as a translator not manager. But even in this case you can enable this. Open your corporate account — the “bottom” one, open project settings, go to the last tab, and set “Assignees can confirm multiple segments”. Nope, it’s fine to have as many admins as you need. Hope this helps!
  3. Hey! If I get the problem correctly, you just have to go over to that person’s profile, and change the access level to “Project Manager” in the right part of the screen.
  4. Create a swepstake log on..

  5. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    Thanks for the suggestions, Vladimir! I know (3) is in the backlog already, not sure about (1). @Pavel Doronin, fya as well.
  6. project

    One is glad to be of service
  7. project

    Hi Monica, please take a look at my message and screenshot above? Maybe your project is located on another server, but you can switch to it.
  8. project

    On the second thought, it might as well be that you’re logged on on another server (Europe vs Asia vs America). There: https://gyazo.com/8cd5e06a7384e1694d7aee8ad59bbfca
  9. project

    Does switching between corporate and personal workspaces (menu on the left with company or your name, respectively) help?
  10. I’m afraid it is. What’s left in archived project is: source & confirmed target documents, and translation memories (can be retrieved via Resources menu). So whatever wasn’t confirmed is lost. And it is generally the best practice to always confirm your work, for the above and many other reasons.
  11. No one mentioned this, but: you can keep them on Smartcat Of course, this would still be Word/PDF, but it would be easily accessible for anyone trying to hire you on the platform. And to keep the source text/target text structure, you could first download those translations as “Bilingual” from the Smartcat workspace. HTH!
  12. Well, you didn’t think it would be that easy, did you? Congrats, Igor!
  13. Hey guys, there are no plans for further ST selections, at least not at the moment. We’re thinking of other ways to achieve reliable translator ranking, and any peer-based assessment will need to be embedded in the more general approaches we come up with.
  14. By the way, there was an interesting question posted after the webinar was already over: Any tips, @Jennifer ODonnell?
  15. Thanks, Jennifer, it was a great webinar, and I love the resources listed!