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  1. Hi all! I'm Eugenia from Italy

    Welcome, Eugenia! Very interesting background!
  2. Very interesting practical example of this, Jane, thanks for sharing. I don't speak German, but I would have to agree with you on using more gender-neutral language in English. I always use 'they' when the gender is unknown or irrelevant. Thanks for raising this important issue, Otávio.
  3. I think this is part of the issue. As independent professionals we manage all business departments ourselves (translation, sales, marketing, accounting, etc.), and the marketing side of things is perhaps one of the most challenging. I know it is for me. Fortunately, there are plenty of great resources out there to help us out with this, like the smartCAT webinars and the Translators On Air talk show.
  4. I recently came across an interesting blog post by Laura Belgray explaining why she doesn't refer to herself as a freelancer. She's a copywriter, not a translator, but I think it applies to our world too. Actually, I think it applies to any professional working solo. In her own words, here's why she doesn't use the word "freelancer": Because it sounds poor. Poor, and desperate. It might be a good word for SEO. But in my experience, the second you say you’re a freelancer, people think you’ll take any scraps, for any pay. I want to say she's exaggerating a little, but then I think how much better "I run a translation business" sounds than "I am a freelance translator". It shouldn't, but it does. Why do freelancers have such a bad rep? Is it because we're willing to accept lower prices than "traditional businesses"? Is it because people associate freelancing with making some extra cash on the side? Whatever the reasons, I find myself using the term less and less with clients as I grow my business and I think that's the best option for me. What about you? Do you call yourself a freelancer? Here's Laura Belgray's blog post: http://talkingshrimp.com/f-word-freelancer
  5. Crafting a functional translation CV

    Agreed. I don't really use my CV anymore as I focus on direct clients, but it's definitely worth having one on the back burner just in case. I'll check out the book, thanks, Otávio!
  6. Hi, I’m Elisabetta

    Hello Elisabetta! Vova is right, there are not many clients here I don't think. I am a freelance translator but I sometimes get requests for Amazon listing translations for languages other than Spanish so it's good to know you do this Welcome to the community! Becky
  7. I was born in 1984, the same year as you, @Vova, so you've done all the work for me I thought I'd do it the other way around and look up some random translator-related words (or relevant to me at least) and see how far back they go: - Freelancer: 1924 - Online: 1950 - Webinar: 1998 - Introvert: 1669 - Context: 1568 - Software: 1958 - Dictionary: 1526 - Coffee: 1598 Interesting!
  8. I totally agree. Everything changes with time and you either accept it and evolve, or you get left behind. It's just part of life. But, like Lee Densmer and @Otávio Banffy, I don't see this as a negative, but rather, as an opportunity to take advantage of these technological advancements. By doing so we can focus more on cultivating our human, professional expertise, which I believe technology will never be able to replace. Thanks for another great post, Otávio!
  9. Only for Senior Pro translators: job offer

    Not my area of specialisation, but thanks for reaching out!
  10. Growing up with two languages, I feel like I’ve always been translating in my head, albeit with varying degrees of success. As a kid, friends would ask me how to say something in the other language, but they would quickly lose interest when I asked for context and I couldn’t provide a simple equivalent. This initially put me off translation and I decided to become an English teacher instead. As often happens when teaching, I started to get translation and proofreading requests, and the positive feedback got me thinking that perhaps I wasn’t so bad at translating. And I actually really enjoyed the process. I wasn’t the fastest (I couldn’t be an interpreter!) but I was meticulous and would do my best to find the best way to reflect the same message in the other language. The freelance lifestyle also appealed to me. I set my own rates, and I decided what to do and when to do it. I still enjoyed teaching but found the working conditions draining. I decided to take the leap to become a full-time freelance translator and I haven’t looked back! Of course, not everything is perfect. Competition is fierce, I often work late nights and weekends, and there is little financial stability, but nothing beats being your own boss and enjoying what you do. It’s definitely the job for me and I’m so glad I went for it!
  11. Language dialects in Smartcat

    I looked into that but couldn't quite figure out how to use it to merge old TMs. I asked support how to merge TMs and their workaround was to download all but one and upload them to the one remaining. I then tried to add the dialect or standard pair (whichever I hadn't used) but I wasn't able to add it. Perhaps I'm not doing it right? I always seem to struggle with TM and glossary issues!
  12. Language dialects in Smartcat

    Thanks, Vova! Yes, it would be great to solve this issue in the marketplace, especially as we don't want to miss potential clients. Not as important, but also related is this difference in the CAT tool. I have issues using and merging TMs when I choose Spanish (Spain) or just Spanish so I have resorted to using Spanish for everything now, even if it's for Spain. Not sure if this helps, but kinda related to the issue in general
  13. Thanks, Vova! I actually told the client to search for Spanish (Spain) specifically as this is what he wanted, but now I realise many of us done come up, perhaps because of our settings on our profile?
  14. Hi Vova, Is there an updated list of Senior Translators? A client of mine just signed up and wants to search only Senior Translators for English to Spanish (Spain) but there doesn't seem to be an easy way for him to do so. Thanks!
  15. Yes, the quality of the moderator/presenter is key. Luckily, we have an awesome community leader who knows the world of translation and smartCAT, and happens to be a great communicator. I'm not trying to be a suck up, it's just how I feel. Some webinars will suit beginners more than advanced translators/smartCAT users, and viceversa, but there's something for everyone. In my view, this inclusivity is the beauty of the webinars and the community.