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  1. Wow, if you prepare good answers to all these questions, you'll ace any interview! I think these questions are great for freelancers too. It's a good exercise to come up with your unique value proposition to help you market your services.
  2. Hello Yana, Sorry to hear about this. Perhaps the client has assigned the job to someone else. Often clients will invite more than one translator to a job and then assign it to one or split it among a number of translators. In any case, they should have cancelled your invitation or got back to you in the chat. If you haven't actually been assigned the job, I shouldn't worry about the deadline. I do understand your frustration of just waiting to hear back from the client though! I hope you get an answer soon. Becky
  3. Data not loading

    Oh right, yes, it must be a bug then. There have been changes with the latest update so there might be a few glitches here and there. Best thing is to wait for support to get back to you but I understand it must be very annoying if you need to work on your project! I hope they fix it soon! Becky
  4. Data not loading

    Hello Bige Ç, I had a similar problem a couple of days ago, but after a few minutes it was working again. If the issue persists get in touch with the support team who should be able to help you. Becky
  5. Congratulations, @Igor Kozlov ! And also the runners-up! I love how different and original your videos are.
  6. Do you have an SSL certificate on your website? If not, you probably should. I’m sure you've noticed the green padlock and 'https' instead of 'http' on many websites (see image below). This means the website has an SSL certificate and is secure. We used to see them mainly on e-commerce websites but it's now becoming the norm for any kind of website. As Google becomes more security focused, it will become harder to rank well without one. Also, Google will tell visitors that your site isn't secure. SSL certificates aren't too expensive, starting at around $10 a year. There's even a free one, Let’s Encrypt, for those of you willing to put in the time to set it up (some host providers make it easier than others). I'm sure many of you here know about the different options so feel free to chime in!
  7. Useful resources for Spanish

    Amazing! I've never heard these terms either, but it just goes to show how malleable language is and how significant cultural context is in its evolution.
  8. Hi all! I'm Eugenia from Italy

    Welcome, Eugenia! Very interesting background!
  9. Very interesting practical example of this, Jane, thanks for sharing. I don't speak German, but I would have to agree with you on using more gender-neutral language in English. I always use 'they' when the gender is unknown or irrelevant. Thanks for raising this important issue, Otávio.
  10. I think this is part of the issue. As independent professionals we manage all business departments ourselves (translation, sales, marketing, accounting, etc.), and the marketing side of things is perhaps one of the most challenging. I know it is for me. Fortunately, there are plenty of great resources out there to help us out with this, like the smartCAT webinars and the Translators On Air talk show.
  11. I recently came across an interesting blog post by Laura Belgray explaining why she doesn't refer to herself as a freelancer. She's a copywriter, not a translator, but I think it applies to our world too. Actually, I think it applies to any professional working solo. In her own words, here's why she doesn't use the word "freelancer": Because it sounds poor. Poor, and desperate. It might be a good word for SEO. But in my experience, the second you say you’re a freelancer, people think you’ll take any scraps, for any pay. I want to say she's exaggerating a little, but then I think how much better "I run a translation business" sounds than "I am a freelance translator". It shouldn't, but it does. Why do freelancers have such a bad rep? Is it because we're willing to accept lower prices than "traditional businesses"? Is it because people associate freelancing with making some extra cash on the side? Whatever the reasons, I find myself using the term less and less with clients as I grow my business and I think that's the best option for me. What about you? Do you call yourself a freelancer? Here's Laura Belgray's blog post: http://talkingshrimp.com/f-word-freelancer
  12. Crafting a functional translation CV

    Agreed. I don't really use my CV anymore as I focus on direct clients, but it's definitely worth having one on the back burner just in case. I'll check out the book, thanks, Otávio!
  13. Hi, I’m Elisabetta

    Hello Elisabetta! Vova is right, there are not many clients here I don't think. I am a freelance translator but I sometimes get requests for Amazon listing translations for languages other than Spanish so it's good to know you do this Welcome to the community! Becky
  14. I was born in 1984, the same year as you, @Vova, so you've done all the work for me I thought I'd do it the other way around and look up some random translator-related words (or relevant to me at least) and see how far back they go: - Freelancer: 1924 - Online: 1950 - Webinar: 1998 - Introvert: 1669 - Context: 1568 - Software: 1958 - Dictionary: 1526 - Coffee: 1598 Interesting!