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  1. Hello, everyone. I'd like to know how to disable the "misspelled" warning for certain words without having to create a glossary entry for it. It's really annoying when I get a text of repeated words considered as misspelled by the software. All my segments get labelled with the translation error sign and it distracts me from actual errors. I've tried adding them to the dictionary and it stopped underlining them but it keeps the warning signs. The second thing I'd like to tackle is how the software deals with Portuguese enclitics. In Portuguese, you can attach certain suffixes to verbs and nouns, such as in the example "jogá-lo", in which the suffix "lo" was attached to the word "joga". The thing is, smartcat recognizes it as two separated words ("jogá" and "lo"). Although "jogá-lo" is a correct usage of Portuguese enclitics, "jogá" and "lo" aren't words by themselves so whenever I try to write "jogá-lo" or any other kind of Portuguese enclitic, I get a misspelled warning. These two things combined makes the warning sign useless to me when I'm translating to Portuguese since most of the time when the sign pops up it is wrong. I'm looking foward to seeing these issues fixed.