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  1. Thank you Team SC!

    Just wanted to give a big shoutout to our team of "Happiness Engineers" aka Smartcat tech support! Last week they helped me out a lot with some "interesting" projects that I needed some critical guidance on and they were all patient and helpful throughout the process. I know with the timezone differences it isn't always easy, but they make it happen. Special thanks to Alex Nichols in particular (and to Pavel and Svetlana for previous assistance too). Any tool or solution in this competitive industry will have its share of criticisms and naysayers, we all want everything to be perfect, especially when our own clients expect the same. But I'm constantly surprised by what SC can do. Some companies are willing and able to fork out tens of thousands of dollars to invest in localization right at the onset, but for non-LSPs that are new to the concept, that investment might not be available. Smartcat has made it possible to get things rolling and to build something that I can demonstrate to stakeholders down the line. So thank you, keep getting better, and you rock!
  2. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    When importing a TM, a dialogue box appears on the translation memory page that basically states "Importing units from..."TM"..." but I think it would be helpful to have a progress bar/% indicator here. I believe there are a few other processes that generate a similar message (Generating statistics, exporting xliff I think, etc.) and along with this message, a progress bar would give an idea for how long the process will take. I know that you can continue working with this going on in the background but sometimes, you really can't. It would be a simple but helpful feature IMO Just my $0.02!
  3. This does help, got those features in on the right server, thank you very much for the help!
  4. Currently in Editor, as a Manager, getting the screenshots shown below. These are the same screenshots I see when I create a project myself and go in to translate it myself. Perhaps these features have been enabled for the EU server not the US server? Unfortunately, I still don't understand which approach is optimal or advisable to complete the task as an in-house organization: to do the translation as an assigned translator (which could give me multiple segment confirmation privileges, but without the ability to alter auto-propagation settings; or I can do it as a Manager, which theoretically would allow me to mass confirm, yet now the separation between what I translate and what I manage are torn asunder. As an admin in the system, isn't there a way to just be able to stay within one partition of the corporate account and complete tasks?
  5. I misspoke, I apologize. We are actually both admins. This confuses me even more. Does it make much of a difference if I translate through the top account or the corporate account in Editor? If a coworker starts a project and assigns me the Translation task, this automatically gets assigned to my top account, which I think represents my freelance account? In user settings in Editor I get "Auto-propagation settings cannot be changed for this project because they are set by the manager" ... manager as in, project manager? Does an admin's access level supersede this? We couldn't find a way for either account to "confirm all segments" in order to finish a certain portion where an repetitive error needed to just be cleared, so maybe there shouldn't be more than one admin at a time...though I didn't see anything like this.
  6. Hello, I'm having some trouble setting up and executing projects that are strictly in-house, from project setup to assignee settings, access levels, and segment confirmation. Here's the situation: I work for a company that is in the industrial supply e-commerce sector. I am the head of localization (US-MX), and while from time to time we definitely do outsource translation/editing work, right now I am needing to create and complete some translation projects on my own. Even when I create a project myself, it doesn't let give me any of the manager permissions that I need to be able to finish the job as a manager would: I am stuck as a "Linguist" while I think I need the "Project Manager" permissions. This particular situation aside, I think it would be very beneficial for many users if there were a guideline/instruction manual for users who are not LSPs nor freelancers, but just businesses looking to organize their inhouse localization work. Could somebody guide me through how to accomplish this as a user? Any pointers from people who've done this themselves?
  7. Useful resources for Spanish

    I've long been a fan of using corpora for usage analysis and comparisons, so I feel obligated to share http://www.corpusdelespanol.org/. You'll see a few options of corpora to use there, the newest stand-alone ES corpus (number 2) titled "Web/Dialects" is quite extensive, and the interface is very easy to learn and use. The older one (number 1) is smaller but is great for historical trends and genre. Here's a comparison of this corpus vs CREA: https://www.corpusdelespanol.org/compare_corpes.asp You can use it without registering, registering (free) gets you up to 50 queries a day, if you think you'll do more than that, the licenses are very reasonably priced. Within the site you can also find access to EN corpora, N-gram viewers, etc.
  8. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    It looks like the dictionaries that are available to be used within the editor are limited to the Lingvo dictionaries, which as far as I can tell, do not include my language pairs EN>ES and ES>EN. Since these are very common pairs in the industry, I think enabling the dictionary tab to work with some dictionary (Lingvo or otherwise) would seriously benefit the platform. There are surely other combinations that would benefit other companies/clients as well. Or is there something I'm missing? Is there a way to integrate other dictionaries into the editor (aside from importing an entire glossary). Seeing how it works for EN and RU just definitions, parts of speech, usage....it really makes me wish I could do the same in my projects!