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  1. Automatic capitalization

    Hi, @VMD ! after reading what @Vova and @Virginia Monti suggested and after watching your screenshot the only thing I can tell you is to split the source segment. 1) Select the source segment you want to split 2) Click "more" in your toolbar and follow instructions below Hope this can be of help to you!
  2. Get notifications

    Hello, @Gil have you already checked Contact and Privacy settings of your profile on Smartcat? Please pay attention that Smartcat (workspace) and Smartcat Community have two different profiles. Try to check following steps on your Smartcat (workspace): Hope this will be of help to you!
  3. About TMX

    Hi @solange.r.esteves I'm following the post and the first thing I thought of was that you were trying to create a TM without creating or uploading a document to translate. To create a TM you first need to upload a document containing the "source" for your TM as @Aleksandra already wrote. For example: 1) Upload a document, i.e. "Hello". In this case, Smartcat will create automatically a Translation Memory. 2) Once you finish translating the "Hello" document, you'll have a TM called "Hello" that you can export or import following the instructions here (help page of Smartcat). Let us know if you fixed it.
  4. Finding interpretation clients

    Hello Madli, I am not an interpreter and so I can't recommend you any particular agency or client. Anyway, I would suggest you to contact agencies specialized in the organization of international meetings and events as they usually look for interpreters Good luck!
  5. Hi, I’m Saeed

    Hi, @Saeed Majidi Welcome to the Smartcat community!
  6. I definitely prefer video tutorials and webinars. When functionalities are explained in a video tutorial, for example, I pick up more details than in a written page. As for webinars, the length is on the average but, as @Virginia Monti said, let's try with 40-minute webinars and see what happens.
  7. Customers vs Clients

    I liked the article and the way it explains the difference between "customer" and "client". In Italian, we use only the word "cliente" for both connotations and I humbly admit that I didn't know the difference in English between the two words so, I can't tell you which one I prefer. I can only say that "client" has a "certain" assonance with the word "cliente" in Italian and I would use it.
  8. Choosing language pair for translation

    Hi Stolfa, when you create a new project you can choose the Source Language once you upload your file and you choose "next", see below. You can also have a look to the help page here. Enjoy translating with Smartcat! Should you have any further question, please ask us!
  9. Hello from Berlin

    Ciao Colette! Welcome to to the Smartcat Community.
  10. Smartcat job postings

    Hi, Rob! On the "Translation Jobs" section, you can find jobs posted directly on Smartcat or jobs offered by external portals. This is a job posted on Smartcat: and this is a job offered by an external portal: If you click "more" you can see who is offering the job. Need more help? Ask us!
  11. Senior Blitz! — Results!

    Hi, Lucia! Congratulations for becoming a Senior Translator!
  12. Senior Blitz! — Understand

    Go @Noelia Martinez Castellanos, go! You can do it! Keep calm and "translate"! Good luck!
  13. This makes me think about my very first translations. I used to spend half of the time talking and discussing with the customer about context, register, and glossary in order to provide a quality work. When you ask an architect to project a house, of course, he knows how to do it, but he has also to take into account the client's needs and tastes. In this way, the architect doesn't have to "undo" the house (reviewing) and the customer is fully satisfied! It is in the interest of both parties
  14. A Beginner's Questions

    Hi @KhalidJarrar, I've read about your problem. The only thing I come up with is that you are re-editing a segment without confirming as Virginia already told you. Can you pls post a screenshot of the segment you are talking about. I'm pretty curious about this issue...