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  1. Start with sdlxliff or Word-file?

    Just ask the customer what type of document they want you to use as the correct original if there are differences between the two types.
  2. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    I tried another approach. I made a macro to add empty numbered comments to every sentence in a Word document and then uploaded the document to Smartcat hoping that it would list every comment after every respective sentence. However, I was wrong, Smartcat first lists all comments and only then the main text of the document. Alas. Maybe using Excel to put the original text, the translation, and the comments into separate columns could work, but it's kind of clumsy and I haven't thought of the practical implementation.
  3. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    Yep, a desktop version synced with the servers in the background would be much better than the browser version alone. Now, when you confirm a segment during editing, the cursor goes to the next unconfirmed segment, even if it is absolutely identical to the one you just confirmed. You end up having to confirm the now-already-confirmed segment, wasting your time and losing focus.
  4. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    This, again, can be solved by making a desktop version. Or by using other CAT systems that can work with .xliff.
  5. How do I become a SmartCAT Friend?

    Check out the leftmost link in the menu - "What is Smartcat?" (http://smtc.at/from-forum) - this URL doesn't work either.
  6. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    A few feature requests for the editor interface (sent some of them to support, but anyway): 1. Using any filter makes going to the next unconfirmed segment impossible and goes only to the next segment regardless of whether it is confirmed or not. This restriction is ridiculous, it undermines the entire idea of using filters to speed up work and must be eliminated. 2. The current QA interface is hard to use. The default window size is laughable - 680x535 pixels, when we have 1080p and even 4K displays, seriously? To see every single error in numbers and dates, you need to click every single line. 5-10 lines is ok, but how about 200-300+? Give us a button to expand all of these lines at once. (and yes, I know about the downloadable error report file in .xls, it's just duct tape) 3. Give us a button to show/hide non-printable characters. We have an option to insert a non-break space, but we can't see it! 4. The editor window is scrolled automatically only when we reach the bottom of the window, and then we can't see anything that is below the last line. Please autoscroll and keep the current segment in the 50-66% range of the editor window height so we can see what text is coming next! Trados and Memsource do that quite well. 5. Let us search text by a less strict algorithm, like search engines do - enter 2 words, get all segments where these words are present in any place of the segment, not only one after another. The current search algorithm is the same as searching in quotes in google, it will only look for the exact phrase. If I need to find any sentences that contain words both "Dad" and "Mom" in no particular order, there's absolutely no way I can do this in the current state of the search engine, I need to know the exact phrase or only search for one word and then waste time looking through all results. 6. When editing someone else's translation, there's no way for me to confirm all segments containing only numbers, let alone segments containing text that only varies by a number. Let us do it! If it was available, all segments containing numbers would be confirmed automatically, except for those where the source and the translation are different. That's enough for now.
  7. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    For now, I'd suggest using the Night Light option in Windows 10 or installing f.lux, they both reduce blue light intensity of the display after dark.
  8. Confirm multiple segments

    @Krzysztof Kożurno I just tried a free account and couldn't find these options that I have on my corporate account either. So maybe you need to add this privilege to your boss/manager account. Unfortunately I don't have time to look for the settings, but I'm sure the support will be happy to help you with it.
  9. Confirm multiple segments

    @Rosetree I think you should ask the support (support@smartcat.ai), I'm not sure what the problem is.
  10. Confirm multiple segments

    Hover your mouse cursor over the project name, you'll see a button saying "Go to Project". Click it. Then click the cogwheel.
  11. Confirm multiple segments

    @Rosetree Hello, you can do it by editing the project settings, third checkbox in the screenshot below:
  12. Confirm multiple segments

    I never said it worked Moreover, AFAIK Smartcat only works with a limited number of visible segments at once that that are in the current editor 'frame', like 10 segments above the editor window, 10 segments below it, and 30 segments in between. So even if we had such a feature and you could select certain segments for batch confirmation, after you scroll down far enough, Smartcat will 'forget' about the selected segments and will not be able to confirm them anyway.
  13. Confirm multiple segments

    What's your suggested way of confirming several segments at once? Like, select several segments by left-clicking them with the Ctrl key pressed/select the first and the last segment of a range to be confirmed by left-clicking them with the Shift key pressed and then confirm by clicking the "Confirm" button?
  14. Confirm multiple segments

    One more alternative I used for quicker confirmation - keyboard macros. Microsoft has special software for its keyboards (and some other manufacturers, too, I believe) that lets you record macros for certain keys. I used to assign "Ctrl-Enter" to one button and "Ctrl-Enter x 3 times" to another button so I could confirm 3 segments by pressing a single key once. Maybe you can use AutoIT to write a keyboard macro for any keyboard, never tried it though.
  15. Confirm multiple segments

    You can confirm them all at once if you are given permission by the project manager. The drop-down list on the right of the confirm button contains this command (it is grayed out if you have no permission). If you have the relevant permission, you could also click the "Done" button and all segments will be moved to the "confirmed" stage.