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  1. Sample translations restrictions

    Hi Otavio! thanks very much for such a detailed answer! By "User Policies" I actually meant the policies of this online newspaper Another thing, if I can´t find a copyright policy of an internet material I want to translate, does it mean that it is a free material (regarding to the point "4")? Or should I either way mention the source in my translation? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! I am new on smartcat platform and I have a question regarding sample translations - namely if I am allowed to use every text for it or there are certain restrictions? For example, I wanted to translate an article from an online source (a newspaper). The point is, if I am actually allowed to use their article? Because under "User Policies" it is written that I am allowed to use the content for personal and non-commercial purposes. But if I translate it, then I modify the content, which is already not allowed (I guess so). I will be happy if you share you knowledge and experience regarding this topic. Thanks in advance!