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  1. Portfolio: websites, platforms?

    This is true of any job Thanks for your comments!
  2. Portfolio: websites, platforms?

    Now I agree with you And I would definitely like to know more about this:
  3. Portfolio: websites, platforms?

    @Joshua Velasquez, thanks for your advice! And yes, what you described is exactly what I am looking for cause it just seems so outdated to send a 10+ page long pdf these days @Otávio Banffy, I don't think I could agree with what you've said because a lot of recruiters I come across are interested in seeing a portfolio. So I don't really know how you could 'hide' your former clients' names Unless, of course, the only thing required is a test task.
  4. Greetings, I've spent years trying to find a decent place to keep my translator's portfolio. Could anyone share where do you keep yours? I'm looking for something a little more sophisticated than Word or pdf. Ideally, I'd be able to have both texts on the same page without a need to scroll, maybe even have 'original text-click-translated text' system. All suggestions are welcome