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  1. Machine translation problems

    I’ve just sent them an email. Thank you.
  2. Machine translation problems

    Sorry, Otàvio.
  3. Machine translation problems

    Thank you Otàvio. OK, purchased pages. Still doesn't give me TM so now I've no idea where to turn to. I came to SmartCat primarily because the TM saved me a huge amount of time and, if I'm honest, I tried the trial version of Trados and was more impressed with SmartCat's TM. If this is no longer available, (apart from the money I've just parted with) even after paying for the service, I guess I'll have to look into the other paid alternatives which can provide me with this. Best,
  4. Machine translation problems

    Thank you Otàvio. I've gone into 'additional services' but can't see where I can purchase MT. Do you know where? Sorry for the trouble but until today I've lived a blissful experience with Smartcat unaware of the changes and thinking my 'credit' was all I needed. Thank you.
  5. Machine translation problems

    Good morning all, This morning I went into SC and I had a notice telling me MT would no longer be available, due to protection of...etc. etc. Unfortunately, I was on the phone and I didn't read it in-depth. I uploaded a test document and, voila! No MT. Does anyone have any further information on this please? I still have a balance of almost 500 pages... Thank you