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  1. Hey Vova! Thank you again for the amazing opportunity to ramble on about something I love! There were lots of great questions that we didn't have time to go over. Do you have tips for words and expressions that don't have a direct meaning in the translated language ? The thing is I don't think there are any words or expressions that don't have an equivalent meaning in the translated language. Direct translation is not always a good thing if it means it's going to sound unnatural. In those kinds of situations I try to imagine myself as the character and think "What would I say in this situation?". Even if it's not a direct translation you're often conveying the same emotion into the target language which sounds more natural and is more entertaining for your target audience. Beginner translators are often too afraid of deviating from the wording or syntax of the original. Yes you need to remain faithful and use the original wording and tone. But if a direct translation sounds weird then you need to be creative and think of the best equivalent word or phrase for that situation. Especially in games where you want to make it as entertaining for the audience as you can, not make them confused by awkward wording.
  2. Thank you everyone who checked out the webinar! I could have gone on and on about game localization and the considering culture. Let me know if you have any questions! I'm sure myself and others would be happy to answer them. Here are the sildes, there are also 2 slides you didn't see which have a list of other useful resources and further reading if you're interested: Slides: Cultural aspects of video game localization.pdf Webinar: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/game-localization-cultural-aspects