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  1. Without further ado, here's the continuation of that fun-inducing list from last week. Que? Famous painter goes troll Supernatural Yawn Faithful Captions When You Don't Speak Jive Netflix Subtitles Sure Can Be Specific Paying Homage I wonder who they target with those captions... The Sound of Nature You can paint this in your living room! As a continuation from the previous part: From Ranker, by Nathan Davidson. Remember to send me your suggestions!
  2. Hey guys, I'm here to let you know that the 6th Game Quality Forum Europe will be held in Berlin on June (26th – 28th). Straight from their mouths: Your 2018 speaker faculty includes: Tulay McNally, QA Director, EA Tara Brannigan, Head of Customer Support and Community Management, Flaregames Alexander Murgatroyd, QA Manager, Space Ape Games Natalie Gladkaya, Head of Localisation, Plarium Jeffrey Otterspoor, Director of Community Operations, Gamepoint Sarah Beauter, Head of Localisation, Gameforge Sergej Mudruk, Team Lead Quality Assurance, Xing Nadege Josa, Senior Project Manager - Localisation Services - WWS Europe, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Pete McKay, Director of Social and Player Engagement, Socialpoint Florentina Neagu, Producer, Guerilla Games Euan Hislop, QA Analyst, CCP Games Miguel Hernández García, Localisation Coordinator, Nordeus Quite some prominent names, I'd say. They do have a steep price tag, but a conference of this size on a very specific topic is bound to have many useful insights from people all over. Very important to those who want to specialize in game localization, QA, or other professionals in this area. Other conferences that are not as niche have been harder to join, especially in Europe. Bear in mind though that this is not focused on translations specifically. That said, having an understanding of the processes involved helps you build rapport with the people who look for you for performing those nifty game translations. You can check their full programme here, if only for your curiosity. They are also offering a team discount of 20% if you bring in at least two more people from your group. You can get in touch with them at enquire@iqpc.co.uk or +44 (0) 207 036 1300. (You can ask him for the programme too instead of registering up in the previous paragraph) And if you do attend, please let us know what you thought of it. Did you ever participate in the previous editions? What did you think of it?
  3. Confirm multiple segments

    I believe you all are already at it, but just for the record I concur with Alexey here. Your best bet is contacting support, because a lot of permissions and features were changed on the update, and this might have been affected. Either way, I believe you do need to gain account permission (from the Smartcat support) to have that feature in the first place. Let us know if they managed to help you out.
  4. Be nice the next feature,

    I got it. Templates, that you can share among projects. Currently there are no templates, but you can at least configure glossaries and TM to be accessible from another project. So you can use the content of one project as reference to the other, but have its own material to be written over (its own Glossary and TM to be registered separately.) You can do so in the Resources tab after the project was created. Check out the help section, it should let you know how.
  5. Confirm multiple segments

    It's likely due to the cloud nature of the platform, but indeed it's something they should definitely consider implementing. Beyond using shift or ctrl selections, it might be interesting to mark certain segments with checkboxes to perform specific actions on them. Such as performing a search on a specific section only, or applying capitals-only, or merges, etc. Multiple selection of segments is currently used to perform merges only, I believe, and that is why they didn't have to expand on it, you'll always be merging segments that are near each other. Checkbox selections would also help with the issue of the pre-loaded segments.
  6. Can't confirm my translation

    Kaori, I just confirmed with the support staff that this is a new issue that has been recently introduced. For now, you can deactivate the Glossaries in your projects to circumvent it, but they are already working on fixing this.
  7. Confirm multiple segments

    Hi Kryzsztof, You can't select multiple segments and confirm them at once, but there are two alternatives to bulk-confirming. 1. You have the "Confirm all segments" option above that Alexey wrote about. You need permission to do it in other people's projects, and I believe you need to have the feature unlocked for you with the support team when you want to do it in your own projects. 2. You select the first segment, then hold Ctrl+Enter. That will make the system quickly confirm every segment in sequence.
  8. HELP- my projects disappeared

    Hey adma, Besides what Kaori generously shared above, it may be that your projects have simply been archived. Check it out, and let us know.
  9. Can't confirm my translation

    Hi Kaori, I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue. I haven't heard of anyone going through this lately, and I know I haven't either. You said you contacted support about this. They usually get to reply very quickly, but since the latest update there might be a stronger load of people trying to get in touch with them. I'd advise waiting a little more, but if they don't reply, I recommend hitting them again. I'll ask around to see if anyone had any similar problems. Kaori, did this issue began after the March 10 update (on March 10), or only a day or so after? Have you used Smartcat on March 10 or March 11 to test it out? Was it working then?
  10. Be nice the next feature,

    Hi Melchor, I'm not certain I understood your suggestion. Do you mean you would like the settings from Machine Translations, Translation Memories and the Glossary to be the same? What kind of settings are you talking about here? Or are you talking about having people with access to the TM to also have access to the Glossaries and Machine Translations?
  11. You know, subtitling and closed captions in general are a serious business. When people specialized on that fail the results can be a little bit disastrous. Disastrously comic. Supernatural Subtitles Rat-tat-at-tat "It's for real, yo!" While You Stare in English Pee Hee! Netflix Speaks the Truth Wet and Wild Mustache is the New Black Food For Thought Law & Order Theme Subtitled From Ranker, by Nathan Davidson. More next week!
  12. Hello everyone, The Lingua File has published yet another set of practices for people to learn more and better their favorite languages, and they are good suggestions. Without further ado, here are their suggestions: I believe Brandon (the author) nailed down a few concepts. Reading does help in remembering things, but writing them down is an even stronger way of doing so. I'm not certain about the technicalities of it, but I believe it is due to you associating movement, with visuals, muscle memory and having to make a creative effort (to generate something new). Personal examples are something I never thought about before, but they are right to say that personal history when associated with something makes it easier to remember it. The "new way of storing information" is also an interesting idea. You see, people have different senses that they connect with better than others. By far the most common affinity is with sight, second being hearing I believe... But there are affinities for all senses, a combination of them, and even no senses at all (sometimes it's about emotions). Knowing your own affinity can help you work better on designing your learning methods. Finally, having fun is one of the greatest ways of storing information, no matter what form it takes. Movies, friends, games, do whatever is best for you, but if you are dreading your next language learning session then it's definitely not gonna be very productive. But be engaged in it, looking forward to the next challenge, and it will be a breeze. Let us know if any of this helped at any moment!
  13. xliff and sdlxliff exports

    Hey Mark, I've dealt with .sdlxliff files before but I didn't try and download them as a Word document. But generally speaking, you can only download it as a Word document under two conditions: - The source file is a Word document; - It's a bilingual comparison. Smartcat always gives you 3 options when possible: the source download, in its original form; the bilingual comparison file as a Word doc; and the translated document. Considering .sdlxliff is an SDL Trados file, you can open it with SDL and export it like a Word document if the .sdlxliff file was projected from a Word document (and SDL have that capability). Otherwise, you won't be able to transform the file. But if anyone has any ideas, go ahead and share them!
  14. Funny Friday the 2nd

    Funny Friday the 2nd (of March) Momma always told me to not to beashamed when I had a ‘Pocket Wetty’. Taken from a bakery bag. Caption as follows: ‘Our little friend ‘Tomte’ use magical secret-power fro delicious BREAD that, Well enjoy in next morning. Children who living in NORTHERN EUROPE tell us secret that just baken BREAD. YES ……….TOMTE’s secret. HOKUO as. BREAD country SAPPORO is very similar with TOMTE’s land.’ (NOTE: Tomte is the name for Santa Claus in Sweden. I know this because countless Swedish people have written in to tell me. Others from Norway insist that Tomte is an elf or gnome. Finally, the Finnish insist that ‘Tomte’ is more like Santa’s little helper. Thanks guys.) Not to be utilized on the eyes. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to enjoy these wafers… The text really does end with “for…” ‘Post Water’ – bringing you to a new level of existence. Copyright, anyone? (Taken from a manila envelope package) All images from engrish.com. In italics are the original descriptions.
  15. One email, multiple accounts?

    Hi Ivan, This is something I struggled with in the past, too. Both the US and Europe accounts were created and projects were scattered among them. Since every account is essentially the same, what I advise is for you to simply use the European one for all your future projects. Or the US one, if most of your projects come from there. However, I don't think you can unify them. They exist so the system works better for different clients. Projects are linked not only to your account, but also to that of the clients, and they can't be forced to use an account from another region. But you can bring your personal projects to any account you want, I believe. As for the job notifications, you should be getting them for every account. If you are not receiving notifications from the European account, try logging in on it and checking its settings. If the options to receive notifications are activated (they should be by default), then you can contact support. For a better clarification on either issue, you can reach out to the support team at support@smartcat.ai. Good luck!