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  1. Thank you for your interest but we've already found both Chinese and Korean translator for our project.
  2. Thank you Otávio! We are also planning to launch more apps based on other eSports so maybe we will work together again
  3. Hello guys, I am looking for both Korean and Chinese translators for a League of Legends related app. If any one has a League of Legends background and is interested in this project please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks!
  4. Hi! League of Legends players

    Hi Sergey, Thanks for your contact! Yes, we will need to translate the game into Russian in the future, so I take note! Regards,
  5. Hi! League of Legends players

    Wow! Thank you for your interest in our project! We are close to leaving the Beta of our game / app (www.lolchampionmanager.com), scheduled for a few weeks. Once we have the game released, we plan to translate the game into several languages, depending on the number of users we reach in each of them. At the moment we have a list of 7 initial languages, but we hope to expand to more in the near future (about 20, we are optimistic people). Our game / app is a small application, with about 1000 words in-game and 1000 words in the description of the Store, but which requires periodic translations. We will contact you as we have the first languages chosen, we hope to work with all of you! Again, thank you very much for your interest! I apologize because we forgot to say that our HQ is in Spain, thanks to Cesar Antonio, Guido Di Carlo, Sebastian M and Hlanderas por vuestro interés pero esperamos poder apañarnos con el español de momento Regards!
  6. Hi! League of Legends players

    Thanks for your comment, I'm going to change the text. Paid job, of course, we need your names on Smartcat
  7. Hi all, It's Rubén Martínez, we create a mobile game called "LOL Champion Manager" (www.lolchampionmanager.com) We are looking for translators availables on Smartcat (paid job, using Smartcat) we need people that they are League of Legends players, or they love/interest on League of Legends and eSports. Please contact with me if you are interested! Regards.