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  1. NMT's New Technique: Attention Scores

    Is the same stuff of lilt, the diference is lilts show step by step, while deepl presented in one step..
  2. Be nice the next feature,

    I have two projects, so i want to share the Machine translation, Translation mememories rules and glosary between projects, withouut to configuring againg that features.... ... The situation is that i want to keep separated the contents of one project from another, but use the same Configurations of Machine translation, Translation memorires rules and glosary for bothh projects... Be nice to Create a Subproject that shares the confiigurations, or be able to share the configiruations between several projects..
  3. Usefull app that handels deepl translation.

    This Trick will blow your mind Joshua Velazquez. I just made the next configiuration in the option pane of Qtranslate software., Y So when i have, for example, doubts in translation, and whant to know the translationoffered by deepl, i only use the smartcart shortcout control + insert to copy the source to the target segment, then i select the text as if i just want to translate, and then press the shift key=equals to MAYUSCULAS. That will actualy will translate the content selected in the target segment and directly paste the translated content translated by q translate. Hopefully it will give you a good use for the app... Best REgards to all the translators in this comunity... Melchor Aurelio Aguirre Salas.
  4. Be nice the next feature,

    Be nice the feature to share configuration of the Machine translation usage, Translation Memory rules and Glosary, by a configuration option, or create a subproject where the app share the Translation Memory rules and Glosary in a different subproject. With the option to change the subproject configuration I would like to give simoultaneous access to my advances in translating a baking recipess, is there any change?
  5. New options to the Smartcat Interfase.

    Is hard to see the option under 3 options.. the cursor do not follow the instruction aplied by control + down..
  6. New options to the Smartcat Interfase.

    Il be give a try to Ctrl+Up/Down. sugestion. Thanks for the information.. Please give me the chanze to have enabled the productivitty services of lilt.com... thanks in advance..
  7. New options to the Smartcat Interfase.

    Hi Vova Is good to find you up here,Thanks for sharing this quote: Working with baking formulas is quite difficult, because when translating with out pretranslating the doccument, generating tranlsation memories generates a lot of references that are and sent to the bottom of the cat pane, that are quite difficult to select when you are only selecting translation with references to the same measurements.
  8. New options to the Smartcat Interfase.

    Be nice to have a shortcut for Machine Translation Or be nice if the Machine translation option be located as the first in the list of translated sugestion. as one translate more sentences in a document, the program generates a lot of options, sometimes the option of the machine translation goes to the end of the list... and one needs to scrroll down with the mouse... Be nice to have if not a machine translation keyboard shortcut, at least have it as a first option of translation of the CAT TAB... It happens also, That when one separates a segment, the new segment lacks translation and it would be very useful to have keyboard shortcut to force machine translation of the segment just for reference. Il be pleased to invite the cups of coffe of the development team... to have this feature working...
  9. Project completion timer?

    I would love this feature too.... Know an option to know the speed of translation made on a file of a project, and time of completion of the same. This might encourage the people to work harder on the translation, forcing to work on a ritmic pace.