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  1. Download troubles

    Sorry, Vova!! It was on the last email I received from the Forum and I couldn't know anything! But now I've already contacted the support and it's going on. Thank you Vova and thank Mr. Zakharov Sr. for helping me.
  2. Download troubles

    Ok. Thank you, Vova, I'll do that!! But about bug, what language is this: "Sinubukan kong maraming beses, nakumpirma ko ang segment na ay hindi nakumpirma, ngunit hindi ko maaaring ayusin ang problema. Gusto kong maunawaan kung ano ang nangyayari o kung ano ay ang aking pagkakamali, ang kilala mo? Ako ay humihingi ng paumanhin!!" I don't know why but suddenly the email wasn't anymore in English!!!!
  3. Download troubles

    Hi, Vova! I tried many times, I confirmed the segment that wasn't confirmed, but I couldn't fix the problem. I would like to understand what's happening or what is my mistake, do you know? I'm sorry!!
  4. Download troubles

    Vova, I clicked "Translation" since the first time. I clicked ".tmx" once just to check out. Only bilingual worked. If there is a solution, sure they may access my account. Thank you!!!
  5. Download troubles

    Hi Vova! I'm sending you the screenshot showing up when I click download and another one showing up the advertise which appears when I try to open the document I've download as .tmx because I can open it. In Portuguese it's wrote there is a content issue.ed Nevertheless, as I said, I download the bilingual version, copied and pasted segment by segment and the article is already on by blog!!! Thank you
  6. Download troubles

    Hi! I translated an English text into Portuguese on SmartCat but I couldn't download the translated text, only a mixed text English-Portuguese appeared. So, I should download the bilingual version and save segment by segment in a Word document. Any advice? Thank you in advance!
  7. About TMX

    Many, many thanks! I'll back there and follow your instructions! Vova, excuse me for answering the email instead the post here.
  8. About TMX

    Hi, Alexsandra!! Thank you for answering me! I tryied to follow your suggestions and perhaps I made some mistakes. I saved my project as you wrote, but my computer doesn't open it without choosing an app. So I chose Acrobat Reader. When I add it on TM, it seemed to be ok but after I saw the advertising I'm send you in attached. Perhaps Acrobat Reader is a wrong way and now I don't know how to change it. But, when I open TM, "Les bâtisseurs du monde" is already there. Is that you mean "As far as I know translation memory file is created automatically when you create a new project."? As I said, I'm new here, so I have many troubles yet!!! Thank you again!!!
  9. About TMX

    Hi, I'm new here and in smartCAT as well. I'm working on a project as it was suggested. What I'm asking here is how to create a TMX document. I couldn't activate Translator Memory exactely because I hadn't a TMX document. Thank you all!!