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  1. My Website

    Hey everybody, So, I have recently finished creating a website for my "business" and I wanted to share it with you guys to see what you think. It's a long way from looking anywhere close to professional but you know, any ideas or criticism is very helpful looking forward. The address is https://www.translationstospanish.com Anyway, thanks a lot for your time and have an amazing day.
  2. Hey everybody. When you take a project from a direct client where there is no fixed deadline, what criteria do you use to calculate a deadline yourselves? Of course in the end it always depends on the specific project but like, for example, how much extra time you calculate to make up for any unforeseen delay?
  3. Jobs and payments: What goes first?

    That's fair I suppose. I honestly never dealt with a direct client before. I mean, I've done so but always through a marketplace and abiding by said marketplace's rules. Now I'm building a kind of homemade website to try and reach out to direct clients and while writing up a sort of FAQ section with all the need to know information, I thought that a potential client would be interested in knowing how the payment was to be made and in what terms. That made me realize I don't really know it myself so I thought I'd ask to see if maybe there was some sort of general convention on how to go about it. I'll definitely take your input into consideration when approaching a potential direct client.
  4. HI all. I don't know if this is the right place to post this. Hopefully it is. I was wandering, how do translators generally go about receiving payment for their work? I mean when working with direct clients (outside of SmartCAT). Like, the way I see it, it would be reasonable to expect the client to make the payment in advance. That's what you see in dealing with agencies at least. But when you're negotiating on your own, is that the case as well?
  5. Hi, my name is Max. I would like to participate translating to Spanish. My email is maximiliano_diaz@outlook.com.ar. I can finish it by Saturday.
  6. How do I change what types of errors are detected?

    Oh, I see. Awesome! Thanks a lot!
  7. When you confirm a segment after you translate it, SmartCat will display a warning icon in case it finds an error. If you click on it, you can see the type of error and you can choose to fix it or ignore it if you see it's not a real error. Now, I was wandering if I can set SmartCat to ignore certain types of errors automatically. For example, "source and target are equal" or "the segment starts with two capital letters."
  8. How do I confirm segments in batches?

    Awesome! Thanks a lot. Looking forward to it.
  9. Hello, I just wanted to ask because I have not found the option in the interface and I'm thinking maybe I missed it. Is there an option to confirm all the non-empty segments in a document? I would like to have that option available because I have found that when you translate large documents, the confirmation process can take a little time. So I would like to just translate and press enter, leaving the segments unconfirmed, and then confirm them and review them all at once after I'm finished.