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  1. Hi, I’m Saeed

    Thank you very much Faustina.
  2. Hi, I’m Saeed

    The basic idea behind building an effective dictionary is preparing a practical and comprehensive data base. There are numerous programmes that allow you create a good data base that highly depends on your purposes. I began with basic softwares like Notebook, Excel, Access, and now working with SQL. You also need to have adequate knowledge in programming preferably languages like Python, Java, and HTML would suffice. However, it is your mind and creativity that can help you the most not the codes you have learned. In fact, you should learn how to use them effectively!
  3. Hi, I’m Saeed

    Hi, I'm a freelance translator. My mother tongue is Persian, and I translate from English to Persian and vice versa. Beside translation, I also have an interest in building data bases and dictionaries. Cheers