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  1. Importing files for review in Smartcat

    Thank you Vova. I will definitley try this way. Your support team already enabled the alignment feature to me on Smartcat for a different story. Not used up to now, however. I will let you know when done.Thanks again.
  2. Hello guys, hope you can easily assist. I am aware I'm not so familiar with proofreading procedures with Smartcat. I've got proofreading work from customer, and receiving source and translated text in separated files. Mostly Excel uncomfortable spreadsheets and/or Word files. How to proceed in an efficient way? How to import source and target files into Smartcat? Thanks in advance
  3. Excellent speech from Tanya. I'm not a newcomer to transcreation, but I fail sometimes with certain customers due to DIY approach. I've got many responses from Tanya. Hope transcreation subject appear again in these webinars developing other aspects as Magnette mentioned. I will try to join as much as I can! Thank you all.
  4. Hi Vova, I always enjoy the webinars, good subjects and good & friendly speakers in general terms. Just I brief comment about your brand image, I would like to see some branding and download structured materials when you perform the webcasts. Some people does not care much about these issue, but I relate powerful SmartCat platform also with powerful company's brand image and tools provided to participants. I will definitely sign up for the next webcasts. Thanks!