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  1. How safe are you?

    Two days ago, i did a medium size job for an agency on Smartcat. The customer approved the job and was happy with the result. So was I. As a freelancer it is crucial to get a steady flow of assignments for you to be able to support yourself financially. Only ONE day after the job was done, i receive this message from support: Hello! You have performed translation services for XXXXXXX on Smartcat. We have received information from them that they are experiencing financial difficulties and will be able to pay for your job in a 4 months period. The client apologizes for the current situation and any inconveniences this is causing. To be notified is good and sometimes we all have bumps in the road, but what happens if they don't pay in 4 months time? But, hypothetically, what is stopping other customers from using an approach like this on purpose? Make you do the job before they tell you they can't pay for it? Does SmartCat help out in that case?
  2. outsourcing

    Hi I want to start hiring freelancers to jobs I create in Smartcat. But, I don't seem to find out how to do this. Do I need som kind of advanced Smart-account for this? Where do I find some user instructions on this? Thanks for any help
  3. Hi I have signed up for the event next week. But it probably isn't enough people signed up in my language. My question is: you have published a type of document for the translation. What if you are really good at 2-3 specific terminologies but maybe not so good in the one you use for the test. People have different specialties. How will this even out? How will everyone get a fair chance?
  4. Hi, I'm Eli

    okay, then you are right. I use every gadget or software i can get my hands on :-)
  5. Hi, I'm Eli

    I havent used SmartCat very long, but I like it very much
  6. Hi, I'm Eli

    power user? not sure what you mean :-)
  7. Hi, I'm Eli

    Native Norwegian calling in. Translating English, Swedish and Danish into Norwegian. Absolute tech freak. Specialize in IT, Software, E-commerce and Tech. Nice to see you all :-)