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  1. Translating Robots

    By 2024 robots will replace human translators is it true?
  2. Get notifications

    Really facing the same problem.................but the issue is on how to get a real promising job conducted properly by you to proof your capabilities only then clients will be aware of you ...........
  3. I am trying to send a invitation to a reputable Dubai client to deal with this platform , Help me how to register his email ,name and title 

  4. i would say the same as Hadeel the last contribution above
  5. Sad truth(s) about the translation industry

    Translation industry is passing through the new IT era where it is difficult to differentiate between professional translators and " google it followers " when supply exceeds demand prices fall till the market adjust itself ( Equilibrium ) even peanuts will be hard for a professional like me ti earn !!!!!!!!!! this is life
  6. Working with big clients

    from my personal experience as a freelancer , there are two major constraint factors ( time and peace of mind ) if i work with clients directly , i will waste time chasing them to pay or rectifying silly demands, so i will waste time and peace of mind to excel in other jobs .............. so leave it all and deal as a freelancer ..........even with cheap rates you will save time to increase your income through high productivity
  7. Working in rare language pairs

    Although you have classified Arabic among " the most in demand " but after more than a year with Smartcat even offering USD0.035/word I failed to get a single job...........my local clients (translating offices ) are highly appreciating and honoring my skills particularly after i started using CAT tools ( Smartcat) I bothered Vova and other support team members to check my profile and advise me on how to make myself acceptable but may be that is beyond their scope if i fail to get projects till the end of 2017 i have to quit
  8. Customers vs Clients

    in Arabic any translator is facing a real terminology problem that differs according to various cultures around the Arab world... we may say " Ameel" for a customer but this word is also used daily " politics language "to mean a person helping your enemy !!! so, some government agencies started to avoid this word" Ameel " by using " Mutaameleen" i.e. dealers ,to stand for customers .... in the day to day use ( market language ) the word " Zaboon" is used to stand for " customer ", but this word sound so colloquial to be used in official texts
  9. Senior Blitz! — FAQ

    what will be my position if attendance in Arabic language is less than 10? what is the possibility(%) for Arabic candidates to sit for the test? no other alternative action possible !!!!!
  10. Senior Blitz!


    It will worth a lot to be accredited by smartCAT as a senior translator
  11. Review Stage — FAQ

    I tried senior translators cell There is no review tasks
  12. Mr.

    I am Mohamed Elfateh Shareef -MBA (finance ) Manchester Business School ,. Diploma in translation (distinction) – D.Game College UK 2012. I started translation ( Arabic to English and vise versa) as part of my official job to enable the employer ( Arabic ) to communicate with international stakeholders. After more than 25 years of continuous practice as translator I decided to be a freelancer . I covered all legal , business and industrial fields to be encountered under translating from Arabic to English and vise versa the following : Investment Acts and Procedures of various countries. Technology Transfer Agreements. Technical specifications for equipment and machinery Tender Documents , all business ,Financial , Accounting and Technical reports . Pleadings , lawsuits and arbitration . Contract Agreements . Powers of Attorney . Partnership Agreements ,Memorandum of Associations . agency and distributorship agreements . · Successfully translated many documents from English to Arabic and vise versa for many International organizations such as WIPO, UNIDO. ISO, etc Successfully translated the Website of Fujairah Chamber of Commerce 2003, Regularly coordinating with Ajman Chamber of Commerce in translating the annual bulletin and drafting letters in English language , Feasibility Studies . 1980 have translated the Federal (UAE)Law No(1) 1979 for industry Affairs. 1983 Contributed in translating the Federal Law (UAE) for Standard Specifications .
  13. To all freelancers

    Hope to be a good asset in Smartcat

    1. Vova


      Welcome, Mohamed! Would be great if you could also share your introduction here: https://forum.smartcat.ai/forum/35-introduce-yourself/