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  3. This isn't meant to be funny per se, but it is something interesting I found that I figured plenty of you might like to see. I know I did! It is a list of city names around the world with their literal meanings translated for you. Quite a curiosity. Click on the image above or here to go to the website in question. Here's a quote from them: I enjoyed it, and I hope you do too. Have a nice weekend, everyone!
  4. This is how i use Qtranslate with smartcat

    you recently release the microsoft ai translation services, quite usefull for pretranslating..
  5. Free tools to organize yourself better

    Thanks for the suggestion, Alexander!
  6. Hi, Nice set of tools. I'm using Monosnap (monosnap.com) for screenshots: it lets you draw on the screens for free (unlike, say, Gyazo). And I'm using Asana (asana.com) as my project/task management tool: it's free for teams of up to 10 members and it's fantastic (even more so for teams). I'm using it for everything except shopping list, really. Love the keyboard shortcuts and narwhals!
  7. We were talking about organizing one's work the other day and today I found you a few tools that might just serve you in the way you need. I've experimented with them, and I do get to recommend them as simple but useful tools that you can easily integrate on your self-employed administration. Let us know what you think about them after you've tested 'em.
  8. Help out reporting spams

    Hey guys, Some of you might have stumbled upon a few spams. When you do, help clean the forum! The first action you should take is for you to enter the spammer profile (by clicking on the spammer's name) and then click on "Flag as spammer". Additionally, you can click the "report post" at the top right of the spam posted and follow the short instructions. Notifications will be sent to the site admin who will take due action. Thank you, everyone!
  9. We often take many things for granted, and one of those things is our very health. Along with our minds, we must also take care of our body, and staying sit all day long working isn't good for it. I can't possibly cover everything that you need to think about when taking care of your body's health, but I can give a few pointers at least. The aforementioned Pomodoro, the breaks, etc. are all good tips, but making exercises and keeping yourself active is a step beyond that I'm certain most of you neglect. Without further ado, here is a few body stretches for you to perform: I used to do some of those in extreme levels. Especially the cobra one. You can perform number 3 on a counter as well. There are numerous exercises that you can perform with your own weight for you to look up, if you don't want to go to a gym just so you can stay fit. If you prefer to do non-stretching-only exercises, there are some here and here as well. That's it for now. Stay motivated!
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  11. Start with sdlxliff or Word-file?

    Just ask the customer what type of document they want you to use as the correct original if there are differences between the two types.
  12. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    I tried another approach. I made a macro to add empty numbered comments to every sentence in a Word document and then uploaded the document to Smartcat hoping that it would list every comment after every respective sentence. However, I was wrong, Smartcat first lists all comments and only then the main text of the document. Alas. Maybe using Excel to put the original text, the translation, and the comments into separate columns could work, but it's kind of clumsy and I haven't thought of the practical implementation.
  13. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    Hello, I just have one suggestion that I think is pretty essential for all academics and that is the ability to make annotations. I mainly work on the translation of Buddhist texts, which can be very complex and requires extensive use of annotations, but it seems there is no way to create or export these from the smartCAT platform. As there is already a feature for making comments, it seems like it would be pretty easy to allow for a feature to just export comments as endnotes or footnotes when it is exported to a word doc. If I have to export the text before I can annotate it, I either have to track my work simultaneously in a second word doc, or use the comment feature to record annotations and manually enter them into the doc after exporting. I find it strange that this hasn't come up very often in the forum because it seems to me like a make it or break it feature for any academic. It seems that smartCAT is more targeted for commercial use, however it is one of the few CAT tools available that can handle Tibetan, which is what I primarily work with. So for me having this one feature would change smartCAT from an a tool that is almost more trouble than its worth, to an indispensably useful tool.
  14. This post is a duplicate because after submission the form reloads suggesting the title was missing.
  15. Hello, Some translation jobs come with Word-files and sdlxliffs. The text is identical, but the segmentation and tagging can be different. From your experience, which is the better file to start with? Smartcat autofills most segments, but if the e.g. the tagging is different is does not. Regards, Mark
  16. This is how i use Qtranslate with smartcat

    Yes, i have notice of this circunsance... Hurray....!!!!-.-- Thanks Smartcat Developeres..
  17. We have talked about when you should be taking a break, but not specifically the time you should. This article brings some data on when could be a good time for you to regenerate yourself and continue the day with your hot translations streaks. From what is told here, I'd say that a "break" boils down to stop doing what you don't want to do... Or something that is strenuous for you, for whatever reason. So breaks can also be defined as doing something you want to do at the time. That's good. That's actually one of the principles of the Pomodoro technique, which we covered before. But it's applied to something else. Here, the most interesting part to me is the fact a break can be anything that you feel like doing. There is no hard set rule. I sometimes need to get through a particular work despite this efficient resting period. We all do. But as far as we understand the principles behind it, we can leverage what is more important for us each day, and manage our energy accordingly. Take a look at another article on this topic from Bustle. Coming up next, I'd like to find something for you people on physical exercises for those long hours working.
  18. No need for an introduction! Let's get down right to business! Honey Roast Duck with Green Beans served with Facking Bitch Mets performing their ovulation - See the crouching guy over there? That's the one. Unflattering identifications That's precisely what it said Does anyone know what she's talking about? The famous owl, Head Week Did you get that straight? Yeah. Beware the BLAH! And before we go, remember: There is no more anger. There is only Funny Friday. (Brought to you by Luke Lewis on BuzzFeed)
  19. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    Ah, indeed! This is something I suggested long ago, back when I "met" Smartcat. Well, priorities, I believe. I'll add it to the list. Thanks!
  20. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    When importing a TM, a dialogue box appears on the translation memory page that basically states "Importing units from..."TM"..." but I think it would be helpful to have a progress bar/% indicator here. I believe there are a few other processes that generate a similar message (Generating statistics, exporting xliff I think, etc.) and along with this message, a progress bar would give an idea for how long the process will take. I know that you can continue working with this going on in the background but sometimes, you really can't. It would be a simple but helpful feature IMO Just my $0.02!
  21. From the original article: Text Adventures: The Story of Visual Novels in America This is another niche topic, but that I figured would bring the right perspective that some people might be needing. The article is a big one, and it's an interesting read all the way through, particularly if you care about how people think of good scripts, text, and, well, reading. I'll have to cut it into the most relevant parts, but of course, jump to the original article to get the full experience. Brief interruption here for a moment: I've felt that considerably when working with localizations. I don't always agree with the way expert companies handle it, but I've noticed a strong inclination towards rewriting than anything else. Ok, I had a few different intentions with this sharing. I believe it opens up our eyes a bit to different work opportunities, besides being an interesting subject. Particularly, I pinpointed a few things: There is, and has always been, a growing market for visual novels, which are mostly composed of text, and good text at that. Writing skills come up as being the most important considerations when working with localizations, and not just of games. There is a difficulty in finding people who are willing to localize these materials. That means work opportunity for you. Visual novels are akin to literature. If you are into literature and would like to get into the world of gaming, too, this is an opportunity for you. And vice versa. There are alternative ways of being funded, besides being hired by a client. Kickstarter campaigns might be used, too. Just a thought. Do check the full article and tell us what you think!
  22. This is how i use Qtranslate with smartcat

    Hey @Melchor Aurelio Aguirre Salas @Melchor Aurelio Aguirre Sa, have you noticed Smartcat has integrations with DeepL now? I haven't seen you celebrating yet... From update R67:
  23. I don't believe that machine translators can swallow us up totally. This blog here explains why. Let me know if this helped!
  24. I found this post that touched upon an interesting idea. Everyone has a personal productivity style, and you can benefit from enforcing it on your work. I was hoping for a sort of test or quiz to help you identify your own style, but turns out they only describe it to you. Still, I found it interesting enough to share it around here. Maybe we can make a pool and see where people fit in the most. Without further ado, here are the descriptions: As the source itself mentions, you may feel you have traits from two of them or perhaps all of them. I'd say it's possible you change your style depending on which kind of work you do, too. I definitely identify myself the most with the Visualizer. Which one do you identify yourself with? Vote on the pool. Now, I realize that this was made thinking on team environment... However, not just interesting, it can help you think of ways to better interact with clients or translation teams you get to work with. Also, how your own ways of thinking influence your actions. So be conscious. These styles were inspired on a book, called Work Simply.
  25. Smartcat Feature Suggestions (CAT, Editor)

    I can't see that anyone's addressed the issue, and I believe it is a major one that's missing from SmartCAT: formatting. Being able to modify the target text's formatting is a vital feature (especially in my language combination of French and English, although I imagine it's important for others too). Similarly, formatting appearing in the source would be useful, still keeping any required tags, as is possible in Trados. If I were able to modify the target's formatting in the translation environment, I'd move all of my projects over to SmartCAT right now. But the lack of such a feature is a major setback in my work. I know you can go to the file afterward and modify the formatting, but this is hardly practical when working on projects that are tens of thousands of words in size.
  26. As always, my favorites are the Japanese ones Flesh juice is an easy mistake for them, since L and R sound the same for Japanese. And 'Gut' may be just a German for 'good'. But that's just my boring side talking. As Japanese say themselves, in their superb Engrish, ドンマイ, 'don't mind' (It's a command, though. Like 'don't mind me')
  27. You know the drill already. Sincerely, Gift Murdering Toys of Doom Elegant Frying Pans Text reads: Shining Elegance A high qualified feeling which appeals to our mind. An admirable elegance that makes us wide-eyed. Authentic elegance has an incredible power which changes the surrounding atmosphere. THIS IS SUPER! (Taken from the back of a frying pan) Bear From Cicago When I always never forever sometimes occasionally maybe potentially all the time want to be clean. I beg of you, love Café Miami, since 1943 Feeling the life beats of others is for romance enthusiasts and muderers only When you want to swear, but can't Flesh Juice contains no Alcohol. Only lots of iron. Flesh Juices above, Fresh Guts below Some of those I found to be really exquisite today! Favorites? Have a great time!
  28. Being a Freelance Mother

    Thank you for sharing a topic about this, I can definitely relate! I am the mother of 2 little kids (a girl with almost 2 years and a boy with a little over 3) and I am so glad I decided to go freelance! When my eldest was born, I had already decided that if I wanted to have kids I needed to take the leap and go freelance. I was working like crazy, still building a reputation and I even ended up being the only crazy mom working in the hospital after I had a super long labor which turned into a c-section... But then things got better, more stable, and I was already quite organized. Then SURPRISE - another baby! That was when all hell went loose! Totally worth it though Organization is definitely key and small breaks throughout the day are crucial to keep your mental sanity and productivity. But I can't even imagine myself working a corporate job and spending all day without my kids. Freelancing provides freedom, peace of mind, and flexibility to really enjoy your family and your kids' first years - and that's priceless nowadays!
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