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    Hi, Thank you very much for your help. However, I was actually talking about the messages in the SmartCat chat This, I don't get any warning for these messages, so I never know when I get one :
  3. There are many words in English that look and sound the same than in French but don't mean exactly the same thing. It's a big problem especially for beginner translators because for most of those words you wouldn't think about using a dictionary to check a correcter meaning. I guess you can have the same problem translating from Czech to Russian Examples : opportunity, stupid, occupation, education, excited, pot, Also some words that don't have a translation but often come back in short formulas. The most horrible one being « Successful » (there is no easy translation in French for “a successful business”). Then the issue that French takes a lot more letters than most languages for a given number of sounds. Which is a problem when you need to translate stuff for buttons. Of course, Russian also has long words, but the difference is that in Russian there are no useless letters. For example « Buy now » – « Acheter maintenant », contains only 9 sounds, 4 vowels, 5 consonants (“аште мэ̃тна̃” in Russian transcriptions), but requires 17 letters to write. In comparison English takes 6 letters for 6 sounds. Spanish takes 11 letters for 10 sounds. Russian takes 12 letters for 11 sounds. Sometimes we get customers who really want us to remove letters but it's impossible.
  4. Hi, sorry I don't see my name in the list (unless I got something wrong )
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  6. Who are “Senior Translators” here?

    Hi Vova, I think it's a nice way to promote those translators who proved their skills but I have just one question: why am I not included in the list of English to Russian senior translators?
  7. Language dialects in Smartcat

    I looked into that but couldn't quite figure out how to use it to merge old TMs. I asked support how to merge TMs and their workaround was to download all but one and upload them to the one remaining. I then tried to add the dialect or standard pair (whichever I hadn't used) but I wasn't able to add it. Perhaps I'm not doing it right? I always seem to struggle with TM and glossary issues!
  8. Language dialects in Smartcat

    Did you try using “Advanced search” when connecting TMs? In that case you should be able to add dialectal TMs to non-dialectal projects, and vice-versa. You will also be able to add e.g. ES-EN TMs to EN-ES projects.
  9. Language dialects in Smartcat

    Thanks, Vova! Yes, it would be great to solve this issue in the marketplace, especially as we don't want to miss potential clients. Not as important, but also related is this difference in the CAT tool. I have issues using and merging TMs when I choose Spanish (Spain) or just Spanish so I have resorted to using Spanish for everything now, even if it's for Spain. Not sure if this helps, but kinda related to the issue in general
  10. Language dialects in Smartcat

    To be honest, the dialects functionality does not work that well in the marketplace right now. Your options are: To set the native language to “Spanish (Spain)”, and add a corresponding service. But this would make you not show up when customers search for native translators in the EN-ES (no dialect) pair. To add a service to Spanish (Spain), but leave your native language as just Spanish. This would make you not show up when customers search for native translators in the EN-ES(ES) pair, but at least they will be able to uncheck the “Native language only” flag and find you. Now that I think of it, there’s some big usability problem in here, so @Nadia and myself will think of how to fix this in the best way. For the time being, please ask the client to search for just “Spanish”. They will be able to guess the dialect by the time zone. That’s a weird workaround, I know, but that’s the best I can think of. P.S. I will now split this discussion in a separate topic.
  11. Thanks, Vova! I actually told the client to search for Spanish (Spain) specifically as this is what he wanted, but now I realise many of us done come up, perhaps because of our settings on our profile?
  12. At the moment, there is no flag or badge for Senior Translators within the product (although this is in the works, hopefully to be available in the beginning of October). On the other hand, the effect is that Senior Translators have a higher standing in the search results. As far as I see right now, at least the first 20 freelancers in the list are Seniors.
  13. Hi Vova, Is there an updated list of Senior Translators? A client of mine just signed up and wants to search only Senior Translators for English to Spanish (Spain) but there doesn't seem to be an easy way for him to do so. Thanks!
  14. I am trying to send a invitation to a reputable Dubai client to deal with this platform , Help me how to register his email ,name and title 

  15. Test in Smarcat

    Sorry to hear that, Noelia! As tests are reviewed by customers (not Smartcat), we aren't normally able to provide feedback. But send me the details (customer name) to vova@smartcat.ai, and I'll see what we can do!
  16. Hi! Yes, that's USD 250 for the full course. Let me know if you have any other questions! Best, Una
  17. Test in Smarcat

    Hello everyone A few weeks back I was invited to apply for a job via Smartcat. I was asked to take a test, which I did. Today, I have been told that I didn't pass the test and I would like to get feedback to make sure I do better in the future. Is this possible? Thanks!
  18. Hi Vova Thanks, yes, I have found it. After going to PayPal page, credit card information appears and my account was not indicated. Then, I paid with card. Later, I have found that I did two purchases, with PayPal and card! At PayPal page, I chose to pay. I will try to find a correct method next time. I have another problem with using paid service. I will post this problem in another question. Frank
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  20. Thanks! I will try it when it happens next time.
  21. BnB (Bed and Breakfast)

    Hi Noelia! That makes perfect sense. Good luck with your work!
  22. Hi Frank, there should be a PayPal button on the Purchase Confirmation page (see screenshot). Also note that PayPal authorization takes some time after you click the button. Let me know if it helped!
  23. Hi there For the payment of machine translation, I tried to use PayPal. When connected to PayPal, only card payment can be proceeded and I could not make a payment from my PayPal account. Is it specification or did I do something wrong? Any reply would be welcomed. Frank
  24. مبدل حرارتي استخر

    فرایند تبادل گرما بین دو سیال با دماهای متفاوت که توسط دیواره جامدی از هم جدا شده اند در بسیاری از کاربردهای مهندسی روی می دهد. وسیله ای را که برای این تبادل به کار می‌رود مبدل گرمایی می گویند، و موارد کاربرد آن را در سیستم‌های گرمایش ساختمان ها، تهویه مطبوع، تولید قدرت، بازیابی گرمای هدر رفته، و فرآوری شیمیایی می توان یافت. مادرفرآیندهای شیمیایی و فیزیکی نیاز به گرم کردن و یا سرد کردن سیالاتی داریم که مورد استفاده قرار می گیرند. برای تبادل گرمای دو سیال بدون آنکه با هم آمیخته شوند، نیاز به سطح انتقال حرارت دائم داریم.

    محصول جديد و منحصر به فرد با عملكردي بهينه و مطلوب ساخت كشور انگلستان در آرين

    “Bowman Dominates in the Pool”

     هر زمان صحبت از راه حلی جهت انتقال حرارت در استخر شما مطرح می شود

     **بومن محصولی جز با عملکرد بهینه و مطلوب ارایه نمی دهد**


    شرکت میراب آرین وارد کننده و نماینده ی رسمی  مبدل های حرارتی تیتانیوم و استیل بومن انگلستان می باشد.

    راهنمای خرید مبدل حرارتی استخر

    در نظر داشته باشید که برای گرمایش آب استخرها مبدل های حرارتی پوسته لوله استیل و تیتانیوم بومن انگلستان بهترین گزینه نسبت به مبدل های صفحه ای می باشند.
    به طور کلی مبدل حرارتی پوسته لوله برای گرمایش  آب استخر بسیار محبوب تر می باشند.
    انتخاب و محاسبه صحیح ظرفیت مبدل حرارتی بر اساس حجم آب استخر و زمان پیش راه اندازی آن صورت میگرد.
    استفاده از مبدل حرارتی در مدار گرمایش آب استخر ، مستلزم داشتن دیگ و مشعل می باشند.

  25. BnB (Bed and Breakfast)

    Hello Virginia! I hope you had a great summer. Thank you so much for your suggests So, I have just discovered that the company is referring to AirBnB when they say BnB. I was really puzzle about using BnB for Bed & Breakfast because I have never seen it before. Based on this, in the end, I have translated 'BnB hosts' for 'anfitriones de BnB' Regards Noelia
  26. Caption contest(s)

    Happy Friday everyone!
  27. Thanks for your comments, the course is due to start early to mid-October, running through to December. We're just organising a payment plan and dates, but the live webinars will be scheduled according to the participants' availability.
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