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  • Monday, July 3     

    Current status: Finished. Results published here.
    One-week translathon to elect new Smartcat Senior Translators.
    Day 1 / July 3: Translation. Day 2–4: Reviews. Day 5: Results. Senior Translator infographic (10).pdf

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  • Thursday, July 6 03:00 PM     04:00 PM

    Every time you express yourself in person, over the phone or by email, you’re projecting something about yourself and your business. So what can you do to come across as more professional when you’re just starting out and working with a limited budget?
    In this last webinar of the series, we want to talk about presentation. We’ll start with networking events, which send fear into the hearts of many shy and solitary translators, and we’ll look at how you can approach them to make the experience a bit more enjoyable and useful. 
    We’ll also talk about structuring your 10‐second presentation to direct clients, whether in person or over the phone. And finally we’ll look at what a good translator’s CV and presentation letter should look like when you’re approaching agencies.
    Hopefully you’ll leave feeling more confident about presenting your translation business to potential clients, whichever method you decide to use!
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  • Thursday, July 20 02:00 PM     03:00 PM

    Have you ever thought of sharing your knowledge with less experienced colleagues?  Then join our Q&A session with CCA-nominated translation mentor @Tanya Quintieri.  Topics we will discuss include:
    Why mentor at all? What’s in it for mentors? How to approach potential mentees? Or should you wait for them to approach you? What should a mentor not do? You can watch the webinar on Crowdcast or right here:

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  • Friday, July 28 02:00 PM     03:00 PM

    In this webinar, we’ll learn the basics of getting translation jobs through Smartcat. In particular: how customers find you, what your search ranking depends on, and how to look for jobs by yourself
    In this webinar, we’ll learn the basics of getting translation jobs through Smartcat. 
    In particular, we’ll discuss:
    How the Smartcat marketplace works, What your search ranking depends on, How to make your profile attractive for customers, and How to look for jobs by yourself.  The session will take around an hour and include a presentation, a live demo, and answers to your questions. 
    For the best experience, join the event on Crowdcast.
    For the lazy, watch below  

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