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    • In my eternal perusal for articles of interest in the internet for you people, I found this very interesting website with an extensive wall of funny "Engrish" examples found throughout the entire world. Just be careful not to see them all, for I'd like to bring you new ones from time to time. All images and commentaries come from Engrish.com. This is the "product" edition of Funny Friday's Engrish. Let me know if you'd like to know where and when those images were first found, according to Engrish.com Hey, look what comes in the Collon package! The best rot that nature has to offer. - That actually came from me, heh. If you can find a more comfortable notebook,
      then you have graduated from College. Booing gum – with the patented ‘super brain panic’ effect. ‘Sweet Sweetie’ – for those who can’t get off on just ‘Sweetie’ Can I offer you a creamy ball?  Shock your mouth with Slash! Refreshment water from Mr. Pocari himself…
    • Actually, after re-reading, seems like we only have this weekend left, so let’s make it a productive one!  
    • Hey guys, we have less than a week left — hope you won’t make the victory so easy for Joshua!   @Stefan Santuche Checcato @Nataly Prikhodko @María Soledad Di Fulvio @nfkeskin @Daniel Vega @AnaMaria @dimboump @Igor Kozlov @Oksana Valery @Serena Zilio @Pawel Sokolski @Meri Ch. — and anyone else who wants to chime in (it’s not late yet!)