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    • Thanks for your nice words Otávio. I'm pleased to know that we are collegues. To me what I wrote down about translation world is of vital importance for someone who wants to engage in any business. Because rushing into any blurred business could cause backlash in future. Nice to meet you. Hope to talk to you in any matter again. All the best. Sertaç
    • Hi Sertaç, First, your story was very nice to hear! ^^
      I don't have a story as thorough as yours on this. I was an Officer in training for some time in the Brazilian academy. I was not a translator back then, but I received language training in the military and security topics, and those were my most interesting subjects at the time. I believe the way you're setting yourself to become an established translator is an example to everyone else indeed, and that by keeping it up you will achieve what you are looking for in no time.
    • Hi Joshua, Thank you for asking me this question. Because what I did and I have been doing before engaging in translation industry can set an example to those who want to start from somewhere not only in translation world, but in other businesses. First of all I investigated translated industry thoroughly and set my objectives to become a good and qualified translator. After analyzing the translation industry I have specified three main focal points and got started to focus on these points. These vital points were; deciding my area(s) of expertise according to my knowledge and experience and studying at these areas, learning to use MT Technologies, being well-known in translation community. These were my initial goals and musts. And what did I do in two years? First I studied at my areas of expertise and attended to many certificate programs (management, leadership, logistics and supply chain management  and so on). Besides that I reviewed my main expertises (military, defence, security etc.). I believe that self-development should be a must and ongoing activity for a translator. In the context of second focal point I have learned how to use MT on internet and made practise both on non-paid ones like Matecat and Smartcat and on trial versions of Trados, Word Fast and Dejavu. While practicing I have done many many translations in my areas of expertise. I downloaded my translation works on TM Town to be able to use them as my TMs later on. Now I have a rich TM archive to use in translation projects. In the mean time I proofreaded and revised a 400-page academic publishing about management organization for a local university upon a request. The last but not the least was to get known in the translation industry. First of all I designed a web page and get an e-mail address just to use for translation related issues. Later, I registered many platforms and forums like ProZ, TM Town, Smartcat, Open Mic, Translators Base, Translators Cafe, Linkedin to interact people and agencies in the industry. That is my short story. I hope my road map leads others who would like to become a good and qualified translator. With my best wishes. Sertaç