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    • For me, Aegisub has a good balance of functionality and interface look. Subtitle Workshop is what crowded for me It has some cool features, though, like error checking with various colors for various types of mistakes, and more advanced formatting options (but I never used them, so... but at least they are there) Maybe it's just because Aegisub was the first software for subtitling that I've ever used Anyway, making subtitles from transctripts for me personally is... well, more tedious than just translating the video from scratch (if I know the source language)... Copy-paste, cut, see if it's not long enough on the screen... so I wish you additional good luck and patience with that!
    • @Otávio Banffy thank you for the encouragement and the advice! I am about to explore the three softwares, because this will be working weekend for me! Have a nice weekend!
    • Thank you Vova, but the only thing happens with European companies is to lose a part of my jobs because they find many other candidates in SmarCat database and start trying them, and you know it well. It has been a good lesson