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    • It's nice to see people write quite same suggestions I did last year:) It's a bid sad I wrote them last year and they are still in need:) I'm work in a game translation area and from the beginning of 2017 I transferred approximately all projects I work with into SmartCAT and create new (if client allows or doesn't have his own system) here. I will add some suggestions I write to Support, maybe someone will support me here or they will be interesting for you:). Most of them are more for project managers/companies, but some of them can be useful for translators too. SORRY FOR LONGREAD:) Improve/expand spell checker for languages. I know for Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian for sure that not all characters (letters and symbols), used today in these languages within typographic and editorial rules, are supported. Add expand/hide option for documents. For example, I have 3 documents, they are being translated into 15 languages. And in order to look at specific language for the third document, I need to scroll through all the files. If I can hide the languages list for two previous documents - it will increase the speed. Toggle the filter in project. (you can look at Weblate, they have similar functionality): to show parent documents and child languages under them to show parent languages and child documents under them Create a project in SmartCAT called "SmartCAT localization" and give people an opportunity to translate it into any language they want. I'm sure you'll find a lot of volunteers from the SmartCat users to help with that, and quality will be great. And you always can see/ask for the experience of user to give him an editor or Proofreader role. Mobile-friendly version of SmartCat or an App. Almost a year ago I've received a message that it goes to beta-testing and I will be invited... And you can guess I'm not:). I'm often on the move and always can take laptop with me, but a tablet or phone is always near, and I can freely use it to translate or edit the translations. Delete "deleted" comments. If a comment is marked as deleted, it should disappear from the string. You can set a timeout for one hour or less, so people could restore it, but then it should vanish into eternity:) And if it's deleted, the string should not be visible in filters and the icon "comment" should disappear. In filters add Date filter and User (for current language) filter As Alexey Kushnirov said, window scroll, central alignment etc must be, it eases the process. As a variant, it can be optional to fix current active line of translation as a vertically central one. In exporting .txt file add possibility to remove automatic dividing of the lines and consider one .txt line as one string. Return/add/update possibility to assign translators to all documents of the language at once, not one by one. Fix the bug when after the update of document (adding/removing lines) the assigned translators are dropped. It happened several times for me with different document formats and it's not cool when you have to reassign 100 translators + their statistics for the file drops. Add possibility to create folders and structure the files in Project. Sometimes we receive 100 separate files with 10 to 10 000 words in each, and have a list of this amount in SmartCat (without hiding and structuring them) is a suicide at the moment, especially if they will have more than one target language:) Add bot for Discord. It's a number one chat for gamers and the moment, but I've noticed that many use it as a communication center and teamwork chat. It can be beneficial for SmartCat. Add possibility to write context for the strings. I know that we have optional function for images, but text context is also great. Rework the UI of the translation window a bit. At the moment there are too many empty space on the strings, they have quite big vertical size, where you can put additional useful information. Add possibility to look at the other languages translation from the same window (additional tab, where all available in the project languages will be shown). Excel import. Add ID or context column plus possibility to choose equal range for several or all sheets. Add possibility to calculate statistics per language or per user on the Statistics tab. Revise all the logic of the placeholders. Placeholders should be created only per Project (with possibility to copy them from another). If I define a placeholder for, example \n, I want to have possibility to quickly insert it into the string. And not only the same amount as in source string, but maybe more. For example, source has one \n, but Russian translation is wider, and I need two or three \n. String can have additional icons/buttons to insert a placeholder from predefined before It seems that existing pre-translation functions still have problems with same source strings but different context. In 90% system takes first match. I'm a manager for company and a translator/editor for two languages. But if I'm not assigned to the project, the statistics doesn't count for me. It's an open question to fix it or not:)   I do want this platform to be number one and see great potential in SmartCAT. At the moment it's one of the best online CAT-tools, but easily can be simply and only the best. I hope you'll like my suggestions and take several of them into account.  Have a great day:)
    • Today's post is more of a curiosity than a hack. I found this post about and, considering we already had a superficial touch on how language changes the way we perceive things, it ringed on me. Maybe it will ring on you too! There is little sense in fragmenting this one up, so I'm posting it whole. The article above was written for Kotaku.com by Keza MacDonald and you can zero in on the discussion at the website if you want. Some terms mentioned are subject to language variants. The Portuguese references, for instance, are Brazilian only - Portugal has their own versions. What do you think? Do you believe the word construction affect how you perceive acts? This is a very interesting discussion for people in marketing, and for anyone questioning how we feel about things we don't really know.
    • This does help, got those features in on the right server, thank you very much for the help!