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    • Hi, Thank you very much for your help. However, I was actually talking about the messages in the SmartCat chat This, I don't get any warning for these messages, so I never know when I get one :
    • There are many words in English that look and sound the same than in French but don't mean exactly the same thing. It's a big problem especially for beginner translators because for most of those words you wouldn't think about using a dictionary to check a correcter meaning. I guess you can have the same problem translating from Czech to Russian Examples : opportunity, stupid, occupation, education, excited, pot, Also some words that don't have a translation but often come back in short formulas. The most horrible one being « Successful » (there is no easy translation in French for “a successful business”). Then the issue that French takes a lot more letters than most languages for a given number of sounds. Which is a problem when you need to translate stuff for buttons. Of course, Russian also has long words, but the difference is that in Russian there are no useless letters. For example « Buy now » – « Acheter maintenant », contains only 9 sounds, 4 vowels, 5 consonants (“аште мэ̃тна̃” in Russian transcriptions), but requires 17 letters to write. In comparison English takes 6 letters for 6 sounds. Spanish takes 11 letters for 10 sounds. Russian takes 12 letters for 11 sounds. Sometimes we get customers who really want us to remove letters but it's impossible.  
    • Hi, sorry I don't see my name in the list (unless I got something wrong  )