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    • Hi, my pretranslation doesn't work since Firday - anyone else with this issue? I have so much stuff here on my desk and need this function as it saves me tons of time. No answer from support yet    
    • Did you know the T in "t-shirt" stands for "Translation?"
      Watch below. I found a video today that featured a couple of images we already covered in our Funny Fridays. It was made by Taylor Moyle, known to me by canoe.com, and the background music adds to the hilarity of it! It has a bunch of collections we haven't seen so far, and some are quite outrageous. Very very funny, this one. Let's rank up their views a little bit, this one deserves it. ^^ Have fun, everyone!
    • I figured it was time to cover interpretation again, for there are many of you around here and it has been a while since we last spoke about interpretation. I have a particularly interesting video to show. It is a lecture by Néstor Wagner that talks about the way scoring is made on interpretation programs, at least in his region, and covers the grading in both medical and legal programs. Néstor has a good dictation, and even if you are not an interpreter you might be interested in learning their scoring system because it is very similar to translation itself, only it is spoken. They do use Spanish comparisons, so some people might have difficulties following up in some instances, but the idea behind it is explained quite well, enough that you can take a lot of value from it. It is a long lecture, about an hour long, but after I began I felt the desire to watch even more, even though I'm not an interpreter. It's quite an interesting topic.