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  2. Looking for a bizdev in Latin America!

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    • Hello Yana, Sorry to hear about this. Perhaps the client has assigned the job to someone else. Often clients will invite more than one translator to a job and then assign it to one or split it among a number of translators. In any case, they should have cancelled your invitation or got back to you in the chat. If you haven't actually been assigned the job, I shouldn't worry about the deadline. I do understand your frustration of just waiting to hear back from the client though! I hope you get an answer soon. Becky
    • Hello guys! There's a little problem I'm dealing for the first time in my life with. I accepted an invitation to the project a cople hours after I've been invited to perform the translation. Three days have already passed, and the customer still hadn't assigned a task to me. I cannot simply start translating a file. I've contacted with the customer via Smartcat Chat, but there's no response anyway. What should I do in this case? Because the deadline is coming, literally.
    • Oh right, yes, it must be a bug then. There have been changes with the latest update so there might be a few glitches here and there. Best thing is to wait for support to get back to you but I understand it must be very annoying if you need to work on your project! I hope they fix it soon! Becky