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    • Hi everyone, It was amazing to see you all in today's webinar" 5 Ways to Contact New Translation Clients" As promised attached the presentation. Add a comment if you have any questions.   Sherif Abuzid 5 Ways to Contact New Translation Clients.pdf
    • Sometimes I find myself a bit overwhelmed by all the productivity methods out there, but I gotta say, Noisli is working wonders for me today. :-) Thanks for sharing these tips!
    • Today I'm going to share a simple concept. It's short and to the point, but its benefits are not comparable to the length of this post. Coming from a guest post by Alexander Cordova on LeavingWorkBehind.com, he talks about the Pomodoro Break technique in order maintain your focus during work-hours and get more done in less time. That's all there is to it. Some people like to take a longer break after a few cycles of continuous work. Something along 20 to 30 minutes. That's often time for lunch, or doing some other home-related activity. The 5 minutes are meant to relax, so you shouldn't be doing anything but relax. Such as not stressing over an email, an instant message, notifications, anything on your computer that is related to work. Preferentially, you'll get up from your chair, stretch, go walk around, or look out the window somewhere very far in order to rest your eyes (very important for someone who works the long hours in front of a monitor screen). And the 25 minutes are meant to be time to focus exclusively on work, too. So no social-mediaing, no Kongregate, no unrelated stuff. The intent you place on focusing for a short period of time does not create the sensation of impossibility on your part, it's just 25 minutes after all, while the break time is your depressurization valve that you can look forward to, if you are not thrilled about your current task. He goes on to mention some of the techniques he also uses for and together with Pomodoro. He then shares with us a few of the apps that you can use, beyond the ones already mentioned, for tracking the cycles. Go check his post to see them all and bunch of other interesting links too. In addition,  I know Toggl is also viable. Along side the Pomodor technique, waking up earlier than everyone else has been extremely effective for me. Starting to work at 5 or 6 AM, finishing your work way earlier than usual and having a whole day ahead to work on everything else you want to is an amazing sensation. Experiment with it. It won't hurt. The Noisli recommendation worked phenomenally with me, who works in a considerably loud environment. Then, let us know what you thought of it.