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    • That's right Mark, I'm glad you worked it out. You can add Glossaries and Translation Memories on the Resources section of your Workspace. Then, you can associate those resources with your projects in the project settings. When you are at the project page, there will be the Resources tab under its title, on the top of the page. There you can select which TMs are connected to the project, and choose which one the project should write over, as well.
    • I've got an awesome collection of interesting pictures to show you people today. They were all brought by Lonely Planet. A few of them are not quite about translations (well, it depends how you look at it), but are still quite funny. Text in italics came from the source. Oh great, now every restaurant owner has to advertise this in their place, lest they get left behind by the competition... Lunch in China….are you feeling lucky? Sweet! Really? At the lift??? This is my favorite one xD You're free to have your luggage taken for you! Forever! I guess that's for compensating the roasted husband from the other day. Don't worry, the smell does not influence the taste. Too much. Maybe we are talking about lion orphans? Hah, the wretched grass. So cute, yet so pathetic at the same time. Use their makeup to let the world know. That's right. Don't touch them, but also do not depend on them. Some restaurants gets you pregnant, others gets you herpes. That's hard leather for you. If you've heard of zumba you've certainly heard about the fish dance. Apparently you can smoke dogs in some countries! :O Like in the wooded land. Mistranslation there. I mean, you comb your hair, why not the rest of your beautiful body? Have a nice weekend, everyone!
    • Ok, I got prompt support from Support! Now I am working on it with some sample translations of my own. I will soon be doing a trial of Trados but I think Smartcat's SaaS cloud-based app looks great and is the way to go.   Nick