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    • OH MY GOD, IT WORKS! PS: it had some pitfalls at certain points (like with the name @Otávio Banffy ) but it does the work amazingly!  I'm so excited, I will bomb LinkedIn with this thread! Okay, it even translates my low level Russian.
    • Amit Agarwal at digital inspiration presents to us Voice Dictation 2.0, a speech to text online application with recognition for a few dozen languages, including German, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese, with lots of variants. I've experimented with it for a while and boy, it works wonders. It's very fast, it's very precise, you can talk with moody voices and it still manages to recognize what you're saying. We previously had conversations about how tools such as this one can help you increase your productivity, and this is one of the opportunities to try that out. Using Smartcat, it does bring the inconvenience of having to copy and paste the material into the editor. But it can be good for making extensive translations of paragraphs, especially if you can join segments up.
      Actually, it seems like it can type stuff for you even if you are working on another tab. Worth experimenting with.
      It also has some voice commands (that only failed me once). It also has the amazing feature of being able to transcribe recordings. That ought to be very useful, though I haven't tested it yet.
      It happens to have text-to-speech capabilities as well. When I was younger, I remember playing with my family with voice recognition software, and laughing over the ludicrous things it would come up with. Now, there is no longer that possibility. Check it out here.
    • Thank you Otávio! We are also planning to launch more apps based on other eSports so maybe we will work together again