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    • That's awesome to hear! Thanks for sharing with us.
    • Just wanted to give a big shoutout to our team of "Happiness Engineers" aka Smartcat tech support! Last week they helped me out a lot with some "interesting" projects that I needed some critical guidance on and they were all patient and helpful throughout the process. I know with the timezone differences it isn't always easy, but they make it happen. Special thanks to Alex Nichols in particular (and to Pavel and Svetlana for previous assistance too).   Any tool or solution in this competitive industry will have its share of criticisms and naysayers, we all want everything to be perfect, especially when our own clients expect the same. But I'm constantly surprised by what SC can do. Some companies are willing and able to fork out tens of thousands of dollars to invest in localization right at the onset, but for non-LSPs that are new to the concept, that investment might not be available. Smartcat has made it possible to get things rolling and to build something that I can demonstrate to stakeholders down the line.    So thank you, keep getting better, and you rock!
    • Mark Polizzotti, author of the book Sympathy for the Traitor: A Translation Manifesto, had an interview with The Christian Science Monitor and I found it to be quite an interesting talk. I'm here to point you to it! In the interview, he addresses the point of the word "translator" coming from "traitor", the importance of translation on fiction, and even the translation of religious texts, such as the Bible. Here are a few snippets: For the full interview, come check it out here! I hope you enjoyed it, it was one of the best interviews with a translator I read so far.